Walking Together

This is going to be an experiment. Many of you know I have been doing this Monday article for a long time with over 1150 Mondays of the past.
I would like you to do something for me.  I want you to click on reply and then send. That’s it. No message is needed, but you can if you would like. Just: reply,  send. For those who do, I will know that you are still with me on this journey of discovering faith in everyday life.
Just so you know, all of this is not a ride. We are not just sitting in the back seat looking at the scenery as we go speeding by. We are on a journey walking through life and hopefully walking with others one step after another. Another thing I know is we have to be doing something in this journey, besides walk. We are on task.
At times, we help those who are having trouble walking. Some want to sit down for a moment to rest and with our help, they get back up and keep on going. Now, at my time in life I realize that the person needing a hand from someone else, is me. We all know that life is not always easy and the road is not always paved. We have our uphill struggles while other times it’s down and we start going faster and faster enjoying the exhilaration of the moment. At those moments, we have to take special care that we don’t go too fast and end up falling because our legs can’t keep up. It can be a traumatic fall with the accompanying scrapes, bruises, bloody cuts, broken bones and damaged egos. Again, someone comes alongside and helps us up, tends our wounds and helps us on our way by being our companion and friend.
We still get up to keep moving, with help from our friends. Case in point; after a former article about dreaming of our future, I received from my sister this line. “True imagination is not fanciful daydreaming; it is fire from heaven”. Which got me to thinking about our walk through life with the fire within us. How well is it burning for you?
It’s Sept 2020 and together, we have gone unwillingly through a very tough year – together. So much of this year has tried to extinguish the fire within us and sidetracking our journey. If you are fired up by the thought of coming out the other side unscathed, I’m with you.
In a way it reminds me of Moses climbing that mountain to find out what that fire was all about. Sometime we have been just like him, just sitting watching it burn. Then within our hearts we have to know what it’s about. Have you been sitting for a long time, wondering where the fire within has gone? Let me tell you, you need to climb that mountain and walk into the presence of God, take off your Nike’s and allow the flame of God to burn ever hotter in your heart. To allow Him, not just to envelope you long enough that it is in you again, but we all need to let God’s glow be on our faces. Even while wearing our masks.
Are you with me?
Something to think about

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