Together Again – Soon

Usually, most of us consider setting priorities and direction in our lives at the first of the year. Others set their priorities and goals at the beginning of Sept. I also believe there are times in our lives where we set goal and priorities each morning. Many of us set one big priority right now to stay safe every day. We want to get to the end of the day staying well where we experience a peace at the end of each day.

My number one priority today is to make it through my work day staying well and not get Covid-19. But I’m wondering, are people in our lives important enough that we have them as a priority in our lives? Who would you pick and ask yourself, who is most important? And why are they where they are on your list. The reason I’m asking this is because nothing is more important than the people who are in our life.

Many times I have shared with all of you that nothing can replace people. They are each one of a kind and the kind we love and care about. They are in our lives for a reason. The reason is not just what they contribute to our lives but also and maybe more important, what we contribute to their lives.

But there is more than that. Some are in our lives due to life situations. It’s where we work or play or just having an individual who let us let our hair down as they do as well. It can also be those times when they just appear at a time we need each other due to shared experiences, like sickness, age related, times of need either way or times of celebration.

This is another thing I know. People need each other, period. That’s why we are all having trouble being confined. We are all in this together and that means we have to care enough for each other that we do what we need to do to be safe and well.

At the end of this long tunnel of separation, there will be a reunion that will have multiple facets. They all relate to those areas of our lives where being together is of primary importance. For us who know Christ it will be the coming together and worshipping as a shared community of faith, hope, peace and love. All those items pull us together but also pull us closer to God in Christ. Wait for it – it’s coming.

Something to think about


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