Thank God!

Yes, I missed my deadline this week on purpose. Seldom have I taken off a planned Monday morning holiday. It’s nice to take a day off. Even spending some time waiting until the next day to sit and face the alternative deadline. Just so I make it clear, it was all planned ahead of time.

This is why. We all need a moment to have an unscheduled day off. It’s a day when our heart takes hold and you free yourself from the drudgery of everyday life. It is also a day to take a breath of fresh air and reflect on where we are. We are not where we want to be. There are too many rules to follow where we once had freedom. Well, freedom that we had all taken for granted.

You see, some individuals took our old freedom as a place to throw caution to the wind and ended up in places, we never thought we would be. It’s something we read in our bibles where we become the author of our own life, and find all too soon, that it’s not what God had intended for us. Sort of like the prodigal son and his high living.

Yesterday, for me, was a wake-up call where sitting alone, I found a new time and space to see and feel my life is nothing without the God who I live for. In the quiet of the morning, He was sitting close by waiting to hear my heartfelt Thank You. It wasn’t long before the conversation with God took up a fair amount of time. One thing after another reminded me of how many things in my life that I needed to thank Him for and for all of it! Moments stretched into minutes and before I knew it, the morning had gone.

We all need a moment to take time to reconnect with our most important time in our lives and that is sitting with God and just talking. Once I thought I had said all I could think of, I realized that I need to thank Him for these precious minutes in my life where I spent precious time with Him, and just maybe we need to treasure these moments and plan to do it again tomorrow.

Something to think about



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