Something To Think About

Just recently I read something I had thought about for most of my adult life but never thought anyone else did. It came in an e-mag that I subscribe to and for the most part I glace at each days entry and delete it. Most are trivialities and not worth my time. This happens when you have so many emails of importance in a day.

You get to the point where you delete the ‘buy me’ emails. Then those that only steal your time. This gets them down to a manageable number. Some of these you will check as important for later when there is time, the rest you need to open.

It was then that I opened this e-mag and began to watch a video about what steals our life and loves and possibilities. His main idea was, worry steals almost all of our abilities to use all our capabilities and reach the totality of you potential. YES, I am not the only one who thought this through. Everyone said I could never be a pastor. Well, until I met a 85 year old minister who told me, ‘if God called you, everyone else is wrong.’

Most of us have great imaginations when we are young. We dream dreams and never say to ourselves; “I can’t do that”. That is until we go to school and being educated takes those dreams and aspirations and puts them in the waste paper basket of life. We learn to worry about everything including about not being able to do what we have been dreaming about for four years.

God created us in His image at least that is what I read in ‘The Book’. The problem is we have been educated out of reaching our potential and our dreams. That needs to change. Every child you meet, needs you to let them know that God said this to all of us. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Be the catalyst for every child in telling them they can do whatever they want. And do it by telling them not to worry. God is in the, “I CAN!” And don’t forget to tell yourself the same thing.

Something to think about.


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