Learning From Each Other

Remember your first computer? Ours came about 1986 if my memory is still working properly. It was quite the event for us as we went to a computer store across from Limeridge Mall. The whole store that night was jammed with people looking at and considering getting into this newRead more


We are in the midst of Easter Week. Spring started a week ago and Passover started at the end of last week. Every one of these events represents, to each of us, new beginnings. Spring raised its head victoriously with a number of warm days and enjoyable nights. If youRead more

“The Good Things in life are. . . “

We have just gone through a horrendous year, but have we really? So may disappointments. Lock down became a real word. It’s been a total change of life. I also know that at the same time we gained much. But we cant’s see it because of the darkness and gloomRead more

Making Changes During Lent

Did you notice? The snow is gone. Well, in most place. Just some hills of snow in parking lots etc. I love this time of year, especially with spring just a few days away. I believe that for most of us, we are ready to move forward to see allRead more

Happy New Year

In a few days we will have arrived at a new year. This is not an earth shattering arrival in most ways. But in light of what we have been through, we have arrived here, mostly unscathed. Which means; we are still taking up space and using oxygen. Almost allRead more

Feed On Me

The depth of our commitment to Christ clouds our faith or colours our faith. Some believe Jesus but it’s not the same as believing in Him. We are considered the most biblically illiterate generation of modern times. When we really think about this it will make us want to goRead more

Merry Christmas

Christmas 2020 is almost upon us. If you have noticed, we are surrounded by all that Christmas has been for years and is even today. Have you noticed or is it just me, but there seems to more outside decorations this year than years past. Later last evening I tookRead more

More Time On Our Hands

If you are like most, you do a lot of reflecting around this time of year. More so now with the pandemic. It could also be because we have a bit of a quiet time between Christmas & New Year’s coming up. By reflection I mean we start to thinkRead more

Sure Thing!

My parents told me the only sure things in life were death and taxes. But, there is only one sure thing in our lives this month and that is, Christmas is Coming! This is what I have heard lately in regards to Christmas presents. There are so many parcels beingRead more

Christmas Cleaning – Inside & Out

For most of us the outside work for the year is finished. Most everything is put away waiting for spring. As most of you know, this is not the end of the chores to be accomplished by a long shot. December is arriving and there is now the task ofRead more