August 10 2020

This past weekend, did you take a break from your cares? It’s kind of difficult to do if you don’t drink coffee. More and more I’m realizing that we need to take a few moments each day to just sit and do nothing.
Most people do this with a coffee in hand and a comfortable chair.

There are two things I think each of us should do. First, we need to stop thinking of the eminent. Most of us know what that is due to this major change in our world. It has distracted us from what is important to each one of us. And that means each one of us has different things in life that we have always seemed to fit somewhere at the top of our list of agenda and priorities.

To get back to them I want you to set aside a few minutes each day to reconnect with these items. But we need to do this for our own well-being. You know what these things are. They can be people, hobbies, writing, art, decorating or even learning more about what makes you tick. Start small, then expand, get yourself back and increase the time you spend on these activities.  And even though we have difficulties in life at this time, God didn’t go somewhere else, He is always right there with us. With His peace, we can still be the person we have always been.

Just so you know, it can include something or anything connected to our faith and how we interact with God. After all, other than what’s going on, our striving after God in some cases has taken a back seat to what is on all our minds. Time to bring it back to the forefront.
Have a good week 
Pastor Robin


How are you? It would be wonderful to know all of you are doing well. Email me to let me know. Send the email to: [email protected].







Online Worship ServicesPastor Robin’s video messages will still be coming to you each Sunday morning on both YouTube and through the MBC website


Worship Service @ Milton Baptist Church, Sunday Aug.16th 11amTim Brown will be with us again this coming week. As you feel comfortable with returning to church join those who are already coming. The building is clean and ready for our return.






The Ontario Government has set down guidelines for a return of the children back to school. As a guideline, you need to do what you think is good for your children and your family. The same is true for coming to church with our Children’s Sunday Ministry. As of right now, there is no Sunday children’s program. We will be working on it for this coming school year and will keep you up to date on what we will be doing.




Scripture of the Year





Pray for one another. I would encourage everyone to take out your directory and go through each name and pray for them individually. As we are a family, we need to support each other in prayer. Do your part. Then give someone a call.

David Pickerton – a long time friend of Bernie’s, who works for CEF was on a bike ride on Monday when a speeding truck lost control and hit him. He was on the sidewalk. He was airlifted to Hamilton and has undergone 9 hours of surgery however once stable he will undergo many more hours of surgery. Lots of broken bones and probably permanent disabilities however is still unconscious. Lots of prayer is required for David and his wife

Deborah – is still working on getting better and coming along

CBM – pray for our missionaries and works in other lands

Harrison – is looking forward the his upcoming operation in Montreal

Toby – ongoing treatment & the family doing the procedures themselves at home

Ilish Chan – living in an assisted living facility just south of Hamilton. No one allowed to go in

Blessing – searching for a new place to live, if you can help, let us know

Pray for the health and well being of friends and neighbours

Search for new leadership here at MBC

Family & Friends who are searching for answers in life and in their hearts

Individuals we know who are struggling with mental health & addictions

Parents concerned for their adult children & grandchildren

People looking for spiritual answers

Our Children & Youth Ministry future focus

Individuals struggling with everyday life stresses

Our commitment to grow in Christ & get His message out to the world around us

Our Church Board

Our Pastor & Deborah

Our Missionaries & CBM office workers

French Congregation & Pastor Caleb

3rd Heaven Ministries & Pastor Dominico

House of Prayer, Pakistan Congregation with Pastor Yousif/Jacqueline

South Asian Welcome Center with Sushil & Nita David

Salvation Army on Nipissing Rd.

True North Church at the other end of Nipissing Rd. & Pastor Alan

Cornerstone Church and Second Hand Store also at the far end of Nipissing Rd. Support this store

Unspoken prayer requests


Let us know if there is something more we can be praying for. Just drop us a line at: [email protected]



















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