Life’s Storms

I was reminded this morning how things can change so rapidly. It started early, real early. I thought of all those people that live in this area and how they would soon wake up to wind & rain, flashes of light & rolling thunder. I just happened to be already up and awake. In another way, I thought of what the world is going through right now.

It to, rolled in so quickly and so unexpectedly. You might remember how years ago, a few individuals warned us something like this pandemic could be on its way. Most of us didn’t listen. This morning when we were startled by the lightning and thunder we just rolled over and worked on going back to sleep. Not so with this virus. But as each storm that barrels down on us, we tell ourselves “this too will pass.”

This is what I know; God will take care of you. The Book tells us this and we just need to turn the storms of life over to Him and He will do what He does best. He will instruct us and work it out with Him and us doing our part. With the storm this morning, we all knew it will move on. They always do.

There are two things we know about storms. They come quick and in most cases they leave quick. God gives us rainbows as a sign of the bright and beautiful reassurance that if He brings the storm, He will get us through and the sun will always come out again.

The disciples were in the boat and Jesus was sleeping. The storm quickly showed up. They called Jesus, who wasn’t worried and He instantly ended the storm. It’s a picture of what we experience all through life. This thunderstorm is almost over. It has moved on and in every situation we need to sing the word the Andrea Crouch penned:  Through it all Through it all, I’ve learned to trust in Jesus I’ve learned to trust in God. To which l say, Just trust Him, He knows.

Something to think about.


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