Let it snow, Let is snow, Let it snow.

We all knew it would come sooner or later. Yes, I’m talking about our first snowfall of the season. And it’s not like we didn’t know it would come. You have either been looking forward to this or you have dreaded the moment it comes. For me, if it comes and looks pretty and gone soon after, that would be good. Some people are lucky in one way, it came as rain. Others and I pray they are enjoying it, took most of it up around Georgetown ON.

This is just a minor inconvenience and we were fortunate that it came on Sunday when most people did not have to deal with going to work. It was a nice day and I for one didn’t mind it this time. As you know, no big deal compared to the other annoyances we have in our lives. I believe God didn’t say life was all a bed of roses. This always gets me of thinking that a bed of roses even its very evident thorns. They go hand in hand.

This is what I know: annoyances are small potatoes compared to life altering situations. It’s almost as if things in life can be put on a bell curve. And that bell curve represents our life. Early on there are only three things we have to worry about, food, sleep and diaper change. After that we learn to walk and worry about falling down. Almost like the other end of our life where we have the same three items.

But this is not all bad because I also know that we have another bell curve that sits side by side with the annoyances and it is the victories in life, like feeding ourselves and toilet training. God knew before He created us that there would be trials and victories. In many cases it has been an interesting journey because He knew we would need someone to walk with. He is here in the snow fall and in looking out the window and realizing that in last Sundays snow fall both bell curves showed up at the same time.

Through all of life’s twist and turns God wants to be our forever companion. He wants us to have a personal relationship with Him. When that happens we will talk to Him and He will be there to see the triumphs and the trouble. He will smile when we do and cry alongside of us. He will be with us jumping up and down over the triumphs and there for a shoulder to lean on. It’s a wonderful way to walk through life with a forever friend who cares for us and takes care of us even when we don’t ask.

“What a friend we have in Jesus

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