Just For Me?

Just so you know, autumn is still with us. Yes, cold days are crowding in around us but it’s not winter yet. We can wait for that to settle in, maybe in December. I believe we are the most fortunate people in the world because we get the pleasure of experiencing all four seasons in their amazing glory.

Yes, glory is the right word. We live in all four as they demonstrate what they are. People in parts of the USA never experience snow. Some places have to search long and hard to see the changing of the leaves in the fall, or bulbs in the early spring while snow is still on the ground.

All of these things show, and here is that word again, the glory of God as creator. Most of you know that I love seeing and noticing so much about the world around us. To think, God put it all together for us. Not much for this evolution thing. After over 162 years, wouldn’t you think it wouldn’t be called a theory any more? Just saying.

Here is the thing that really blows my mind. If you really think about the Genesis account, God created everything before He created humans. Which ironically means, He created it for Himself alone. You know the old saying is true. He saved the best for last. Yes, that is you and me. In many ways, and then He wanted to share it. He created us so we would be there to see it with Him. I don’t think I’m that special. Made a lot of mistakes in my life and that life gets longer and longer which means I have more time to make more mistakes. But it also allows me to see more of the beauty of God is the things He displays around me.

About a month ago, while driving to my daughter’s home in Norwich, I was absolutely blown away by what I saw after coming up over a hill. There on the north side of the road was a brilliant tree dressed in bright strawberry red leaves. But that wasn’t the best part. At that very moment, the sun came up and spotlighted it as only God can do. It was something I had never seen before in all my life. A once in a lifetime event. At that moment I felt special that God did it for me. I treasure all of these special moments when I think I’m the only one there for certain events. I look for them and when I see them, I see his glory from a child’s perspective, I’m seeing it for the first time.
That’s what it is when God shows up and we are amazed at His glory.

Take time to look around you for these moments, where it’s just you and Him, because it is more than something to think about.


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