It’s Not Me

It’s no different from our childhood where we would pretend that we were Roy Rogers and Dale Evan, who in actual fact were also playing at being a hero. Same thing just different decade. For some, growing up didn’t change this all that much. Most of us would untie the cape and put away the hat and guns and still think we were in some way, still a super hero. Yes we got on with life, well almost.

In many ways, we still continued on with a glimpse of our past desire to be invincible. Not all the time mind you. Sometimes we took a piece of our childhood into the future. Hey, I even bought the horse. As we get older, much of that remnant slowly gets chipped away. Time has a way of doing that. It has now changed most of us and our miss steps and dreams of grandeur have slowly but surely faded into the past and we are left with reality.

This present truth lets us know a couple of things. The first is, we are still, and can be real heroes to the children coming up after us. Children are in desperate need of everyday heroes and you can be that person. After all, they are watching you and me and what heroics we are involved in.

Secondly, we can introduce them to the real hero of life, Jesus Christ. Didn’t He take away our hurts and miss-steps? Didn’t He put something within our hearts that changed us and forgave us and took our sins away? Didn’t He pay the price for our sin? No imaginary, or pretend superhero can do that. But Jesus did one thing that no real or unreal superhero can do. He came back to life! Easter! Let everyone know you have found a real SUPERHERO!

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