It’s All About Truth

Have you ever had a problem with people and wondered if they were telling the truth? I mean, there have been times when we wondered who was telling the truth or if they were making up stories as the went along. If you didn’t know this, our whole world is full of lies. When we were a little younger we had heard from our parent what Benjamin Franklin said; “We need to only believe half of what you see and none of what you hear”.

But what about what you read? I have also known that for a long time papers need a lead story about something that will capture people and get them to buy the paper and read the article. It’s like today when they give you an enticing lead line to a story on the computer with a picture and all you need to do is click on so you can find out the whole story. Here is an example; “He lived in the house until he found something in his house”. After clicking for the next draw and the next 50 or 60 times you find out he found a hole in the cellar floor that he had to fill in.

Even the news that we watch on tv and hear on the radio do the same thing. Even the US president is not akin to telling the truth while he tells all media networks he didn’t want to cause a panic and scare the American people about the truth of the fallout from the pandemic, so he lies. And this is when he is accusing them of having fake news. I think many people lie more times than not when they have something to gain. They gain money, influence or it makes them feel superior others or look better than they actually are. Those who tell the truth, usually have nothing to gain or lose by lying so there is no need to.

So, we need to ask, who can we believe? By the way there are statistics on what occupation has the worst liars. Last Sunday I talked about the Royal Official with a sick son. He came to Jesus and asked Him to come to his home and cure his son. Jesus said, go on your way, your son is well. That is all Jesus said and the Royal believed him, turned around and went home to find his son well. It must have had something to do with who we can believe. He believed Jesus and when he arrived home, He believed IN Jesus, to be the Messiah and ‘his whole house’.

This is what I read in Psalm 119:69 and realized that He is holy and we should seek to be the same.

“Though the arrogant have smeared me with lies, I keep Your precepts with all my heart.”

Something to think about


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