He Will...

He will . . .

Having an awakening is like finding new life, in the filth of life in a pandemic, I found God coming along side me in a special way just the other day. It’s not that we don’t know Him, it’s just when we least expect it, He shows up in the most unusual and unexpected ways.

I was out in the country this past week to do some work at the farm. It was nothing really important or life changing. Just another non-descript task that took time and effort. You know what I mean. A task you would rate as probably similar to wiping down the counter in the kitchen after dinner.

At times like these almost all of us never find God in its drudgery. It’s just a task and we do it. Job must have had those moments as he scraped his sores in his dilemma. His friends show up and tell him he has all this pain due to sin. I don’t think so. Then another one shows up and asks a question of God. From that God appears and asks Job a number of questions. Each question He asks repeats, “were you here when I. . . “

Job got it. And on that cold afternoon while doing an unimportant task I noticed something just over from where I was working. There I saw something growing under a bush. Going over I discovered a bouquet of amazing beauty. There were flowers, sheltered from the wind swept fields, under the branches of a lonely bush.

My first thought was the awakening. I realized that God had created them and I was probably the only person in this vast earth to have seen them. Why did He do that? His creative beauty, was it just for Him until I showed up? Most likely we would have to say yes. But in this moment, I believe He also did it for me as I look for shelter and continue to wrestle with the dirt and grit of this pandemic. We are all filled with questions no one has answers to.  We call on God to show us something, anything. Then the something like a small unseen bouquet of flowers is there for me. I could now relate to the questions God had for Job and I realize, God was awakening me to His presence, and a glimpse of a small answer just for me. To me He said, “I will take care of you”.

Something to think about.


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