Just wondering, are we a country of Canadians caught in a world of negativity? I mean, we have for the very first time, been impacted by a pandemic which has and is negatively affecting everyone’s life. Let’s face it; it’s not too much fun. That maybe the way you see it and the way you feel about restrictions. I know I do. So, is there any help out there?

The Canadian health officials have also poured rain on our parade saying this situation is going to negatively affect us emotionally for years to come. And it’s not just how we feel but how we perceive how long this new reality is going to be part of our lives.

We can try to find some good in our world, in our country but that doesn’t always work. Case in point; ABC News is a half hour program filled with exclusively negative news. Except, you knew that was coming, right at the end of the broadcast they have a human interest good news story. I guess they think, leaving us with a ray of sunshine, we will feel better. Many times, it does lift our spirit if only for a minute or two.

I don’t know if it makes a difference but I think maybe we need to start doing the same thing in our lives. What do I mean? We need to look for good news every day and all day long. We have a need to not dwell on the negative all the time, but look at all the positives we have in our lives. One of my positives is, I don’t know anyone in my life circle who has contacted Covid-19. Here is another one. It won’t be long for those who love the snow, until it’s here. Maybe less than 45 days away.

But there is more. Most of us have positives, we have just forgotten about them as we get dragged through the muck of negativity. The other positive in my life is church. Yes, we don’t have as many people in church right now due to concern for our personal health and those in our family. That is why we post a separate message on YouTube for those at home on Sunday.

We also know many people will not return to church after this is over. But this is something else I know; God is here with us, protecting us, caring for us and going down this road with us. A long time ago when I was a teen we needed to hear some good news. To our surprise we found a book that was full of good news. Actually, that was the name of The Book. Good News For Modern Man. It is also The Gospel, which translates to Good News.

Lastly let me leave you with this. When we find the Good News in every area of our lives, we need to share it, give it away, say hello to everyone we walk by, complement each other, (I was going to say, smile more but that is difficult with a mask on. It is our role right now to lift each other’s spirit and do it just as Jesus would be doing and is doing through us.

Something to think about


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