God’s Way Is My Way

Many decades ago, Frank Sinatra sang Paul Anka’s song which epitomized that generation. Anka had heard the original French song, and acquired the English rights. He thought it was just right for Frank as it defined Sinatra.

It was the time of the “Me Generation”. We were, in 1969, thought of as the first generation to do what we wanted and couldn’t care less about anyone else. It was the year I graduated from high school and to be frank, I had somewhat taken on this attitude myself, with limits. I wore different, unusual clothes, cowboy boots and had longer hair. Yes, I had hair back then. This attitude within society, has continued even to this day and in some ways, growing more pronounced and edgy. But, and you knew that was coming, but I drew the line in many areas of my life. We all took on different levels of My Way. Most didn’t go outside the law or transcend the norms of the day.

In other ways, we learned we didn’t need to conform to be true to ourselves. At the same time, we knew who we were and proud to be an individual no longer tied to conformity. Today, maybe this new found freedom of the Me generation has been taken it to a new and dangerous level.

In the new study we are engaged in here on site at the church we are looking at what Jesus said. His words and what they say to our next generation. At the start of Jesus ministry, He basically said to all twelve men, two words, “Follow Me”. I believe we are people who do exactly that. Predominantly we are a world of followers, with a few leaders who can take us down the road to destruction or elevate us as a society.

Don’t get me wrong, we can still be our own person, while recognizing who the right person we need to be following. And as we follow the right person, those who follow us, will also be following the right person. We are all heroes to someone. Be the best influence to others.

As the disciples followed Him, I to have chosen to follow Jesus, and I hope I honour Him so others who follow me follow Him. Who are you following?

Something to think about.


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