Faith Brings Jesus

Recently I have listen to a good number of people tell me their life is not where they want to be. Have you ever gotten up out of bed and had a feeling that all is not well with the world? In many cases it’s not the whole world, just your speck of a spot. You brush it off thinking it’s just not enough sleep or too many things to deal with. You know, just like I do, that life can be like that on occasion. Little did we know that brushing it off doesn’t always help change that feeling. But something can change that.

It’s not any one thing that makes you think it’s not going to be a great day or a great week or a great 2020. Ah, that wonderful line, ‘life is not a bed of roses’. I’m glad of that because roses also have thorns. My thought is, if we didn’t have down days, we wouldn’t appreciate how great wonderful days are.

Let me remind myself and you, we are the author of our own destiny. Which means; we can wake up in the morning and think, it’s not going to be a great day but that’s not going to stop me from making it a beautiful day. I’m going to make the decision what kind of day I will have. Little did I realize at the time it doesn’t always work that way. Usually I will change my perception of the day because I remember another line, “This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!

Steve Brown said something like this; ‘we need to take the first step and Jesus takes the second and when we get to the third, we realize that God took the first step’. Maybe what we need to do is stop for a few minutes before our feet touch the floor, and thank Him for another day to experience Him and admit it’s His day.

Right now our lives are filled with discouragement and disbelief. In many cases it’s not of our own doing. We need to realize it’s okay and we will get through it. So we recognize we need to have God in our lives, to help get us through, and to strengthen our faith that brings us Jesus and Joy.

Something to think about.


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