It’s All About Truth

Have you ever had a problem with people and wondered if they were telling the truth? I mean, there have been times when we wondered who was telling the truth or if they were making up stories as the went along. If you didn’t know this, our whole world isRead more

Just For Me?

Just so you know, autumn is still with us. Yes, cold days are crowding in around us but it’s not winter yet. We can wait for that to settle in, maybe in December. I believe we are the most fortunate people in the world because we get the pleasure ofRead more

He Will...

He will . . .

Having an awakening is like finding new life, in the filth of life in a pandemic, I found God coming along side me in a special way just the other day. It’s not that we don’t know Him, it’s just when we least expect it, He shows up in theRead more

Faith Brings Jesus

Recently I have listen to a good number of people tell me their life is not where they want to be. Have you ever gotten up out of bed and had a feeling that all is not well with the world? In many cases it’s not the whole world, justRead more

Thank God!

Yes, I missed my deadline this week on purpose. Seldom have I taken off a planned Monday morning holiday. It’s nice to take a day off. Even spending some time waiting until the next day to sit and face the alternative deadline. Just so I make it clear, it wasRead more

Together Again – Soon

Usually, most of us consider setting priorities and direction in our lives at the first of the year. Others set their priorities and goals at the beginning of Sept. I also believe there are times in our lives where we set goal and priorities each morning. Many of us setRead more

God’s Way Is My Way

Many decades ago, Frank Sinatra sang Paul Anka’s song which epitomized that generation. Anka had heard the original French song, and acquired the English rights. He thought it was just right for Frank as it defined Sinatra. It was the time of the “Me Generation”. We were, in 1969, thoughtRead more

What Next?

What next? I’ve heard that line most of my life. Said to say, many times I said it. The first person I remember hearing it from was my mother. She wasn’t always the most optimistic person in my life but not the most pessimistic either. Many times I remember herRead more

Walking Together

This is going to be an experiment. Many of you know I have been doing this Monday article for a long time with over 1150 Mondays of the past. I would like you to do something for me.  I want you to click on reply and then send. That’s it.Read more

Life’s Storms

I was reminded this morning how things can change so rapidly. It started early, real early. I thought of all those people that live in this area and how they would soon wake up to wind & rain, flashes of light & rolling thunder. I just happened to be alreadyRead more