Walking Together

This is going to be an experiment. Many of you know I have been doing this Monday article for a long time with over 1150 Mondays of the past. I would like you to do something for me.  I want you to click on reply and then send. That’s it.Read more

Life’s Storms

I was reminded this morning how things can change so rapidly. It started early, real early. I thought of all those people that live in this area and how they would soon wake up to wind & rain, flashes of light & rolling thunder. I just happened to be alreadyRead more

Something To Think About

Just recently I read something I had thought about for most of my adult life but never thought anyone else did. It came in an e-mag that I subscribe to and for the most part I glace at each days entry and delete it. Most are trivialities and not worthRead more

Giving It Away

It’s not what you know that counts. It’s what you know that you share with others that counts. A good number of years ago I heard about a brilliant man who knew more about watches than any person in the world. His watches were worth tens of thousands of dollars.Read more

It’s Boring, No It’s Not!

Every time I have gone into a church to bring a word of God’s love and encouragement I have shared something about ‘enthusiasm’. And if you have been to each and every one of these first time moments, you will have heard a different sermon. None were the same asRead more

It’s A New Day

Have you ever got up in the morning all set to get ‘at ‘er’ and nothing goes right? Many people get up now and either check their phone or computer for what came in while then slept.  But what would you do if one or both of those items didn’tRead more

What Makes You Tick?

This past Sunday I brought in a clock for the children’s story with hopes that those gathered here at the church would see the connection between this Anniversary Clock and our Christian life. For a clock to run, it will need, in most cases six things. I will list them.Read more

Light Up Your Life

Three years ago I heard about the tiny Norwegian town of Rjukan. The town went that without direct sunlight for almost half the year, every year. The town is in a valley beside a large mountain that shades it from the sun during the winter. There are probably other locationsRead more


Did you realize that Christ is near? He is. You just have to whisper His name. Did you know we are called Christians by our love and that love comes from Christ Himself? Did you also know that before we were called Christians we were called ‘The People of theRead more

Wear A Mask

Most of us want things out of our life, and I’m not just talking about calling, “Got Junk”. The virus is still here and we are continuing to live differently just to stay alive. The move to regain some of our freedoms has been disastrous in many other countries. LuckyRead more