You’re Never Alone

It seemed strange driving to work the other morning. It was early but it was also Saturday, between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. The roads were quieter than usual. I drove up over the bridge with not one car ahead of me. Maybe it was just that I was going faster than all the rest. Or maybe almost everyone had a chance to stay in bed a little longer than me.

The early morning was also dark and quiet. Not a dreary sort of feeling, just quiet, and peaceful. Probably part of the inner self, the feeling Christ had inside while He was going to the Cross. How about you? Do you have similar experiences where you find yourself going through life on your own? No one in sight. No one to share your journey with? For some of us, this part of life’s journey is a wonderful time where you can be lost in the recesses of your mind and all seems well. Then again, you might want someone with you in this moment in time.

There are other instants when life is a long period of darkness & you feel so alone. Yes, the odd individual will appear now and again. They may come out of nowhere and bring some light for a moment or two and then disappear again just as quickly as they appeared. Those moments make us wish they would stay just a little longer. But . . . 

Jesus is not like those brief encounters. Jesus didn’t just come at Christmas and eventually, three years later, just go back to heaven after Easter. He came, He called us, He has travelled with us and He told us He would be with us forever. We just have to let Him in to our lives. When we do exactly that, He will say to each and every one of us, “I will never leave you, nor forsake you”.

Something to think about.


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