Write These Things On My Heart

After looking over the list I made of things to do this summer, I came across another list.  It was a ‘to do list’. It doesn’t have a date on it but it is a recent one. Where did you put yours? You make them, I make them and I even know people who have a list printed in their minds.
Interestingly I noticed, not many of the ‘to do’ items had been accomplished. How did that happen? Ok, stop laughing. It must have something to do with priorities. Or it could be that my energy ran out before I ran out of things to do. An old friend taught me a long time ago about a couple of things that would help with any list. By now he probably has already forgotten he told me. Doug said, ‘The best way to get things done is to finish what you are doing at that moment before going on to the next’. Now that is difficult for most men. We have a propensity to not finish things we start. Ladies, stop nodding your heads.
The second thing he told me was, ‘If you have something in your hand, put it where it belongs and don’t just put it down anywhere.’ That one stuck with me and in most cases it has helped me in getting more done because I don’t have to pick up and move something two or three times. I’m not as good as Doug but lots of progress.
The same is true with picking up your bible and reading it. Put it in the same place all the time and it will be where you know you can get it when your time allows you to find it and read it. Because when you read it, those verses burn a permanent place in your mind that changes your heart and moves you to continue to follow Him, all day and every day.  Now, where did you put your bible?
Something to think about.

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