Recently, someone asked me to describe society today in one word. Pretty straightforward question on the surface, at least that is what I initially thought. Some words might be; chaotic, busy, colourful, fake, mosaic, and terrifying. There are more but you know some of them as they impact your life. I could also have said, “there was a day . . .”

Here are a couple of ones I think of that are changing us all.  We are becoming ‘lonely’. Yes we are.  In a more crowded world we sit in groups and focus on that small screen in front of us. There is no direct communications. We are becoming so fixated on technology we forget there are real people all around us needing the same thing we need and that is, here is the words, personal interaction. I even see it in church where people are on their phones, sitting beside someone who is doing exactly the same thing.  But I’m not going to say, “I remember when . . .”

Here is another word, lazy. Hang on, let me explain. No one needs to cook anymore or go for groceries, etc. Order what you want from almost every food outlet in the world and there it is at your door. You can even track where your order is all the way up to your door. They will actually bring the food into your house and put it right on your lap. Ask anyone where they have their dinner each night now and ‘the dinner table’ is seldom mentioned. In front of a screen is what most people would say. I’m not going to say, “and I remember a day . . .”

You see, we have the ability to describe society in negative terms or in beautiful words. The secret is, it’s all in our hands. I want all of us to think of society and indirectly our lives with words like, exhilarating, fun, beautiful, challenging, fulfilling, friendly, and filled with experiences, learning and love, joy, peace, forgiveness and contentment. To be sure, the last five come out of my connection to the Peacemaker, Jesus Christ. Maybe it’s letting Him back into our society that will help us all experience all these beautiful word, and then some. Then we can all say, “Just the other day: it was so awesome when…”

 Something to think about

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