Will You Be There?

For those who know me, you know I sometimes have an unusual sense of humour. Don’t really know where I got it but it’s part of who I am. Every once and a while, I think I come up with some interesting things that make me smile every time I remember them. At the same time, some of you humour me and go along with it, you might even groan.
A good number of years ago, one group I was leading decided to make up invitation card for our small home church. On the front of the card we did the usual; name (we chose, River Rock), address, email & phone. All the normal stuff, right? But tag line was what caught everyone’s attention.
I saw it somewhere and so I decided we could use these words; “Get Into Heaven Free Card”. We passed them out to lots of people.  The interesting part of these cards was the small print on the back.  Placed strategically right in the middle of the card it read; “Must be validated by Jesus”.
At times Jesus Himself used humour. Go ahead and look for it, because you will find it. Here is the truth found in the humour, we can still get into Heaven free. The bible tells us, ‘believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved’. That is our validation. We can’t buy or earn our way to Heaven, it’s a gift. Save from the guilt and punishment for our sins, but also saved for an eternity in Heaven. It comes when we accepting Christ into our hearts. This is how Christ’s death and resurrection saves us for our sin. That is what we celebrate at Easter, and it is the only validation needed to get to heaven.
Something to think about.

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