Who Holds The Eraser?

When was the last time you used a pencil?  Doing carpentry work & maybe; doing crosswords or Sudoku? We seldom use one to write someone a note. It you think back, way back you might just remember using crayons before the grade three teacher handed you your first pencil. The crayons were what colour was all about. That yellow stick with carbon running the length coming to an abrupt end at the eraser changed the game. And you thought you would never have a need for an eraser. One part was to write and the second was to correct your mistakes which were, how should I say this, Many!

The greatest exercise was to seek to use a pencil and finish off the carbon before the eraser was all but gone. Right from the start we thought we had arrived until we notice how much we really hadn’t.  Seemed like it was one mistake after another, after another. Just when we finally seemed to be getting it right, the teacher changed the whole thing again by giving us our first BIC pen.

When we got the pen, again, we thought we had arrived. Here we were, just like the big kids, writing with something that was almost impossible to erase. Well, except with one of those very hard grey block eraser. And when we arrived at almost erasing the mistake the paper gave way. AAAAAAHHHHHHH. Let me just say, we don’t want to talk too much about fountain pens where the ink becomes part of the paper and the only way to remove most of it is with bleach. But a make still remains to remind us of our mistake.

Our Christian walk is much like that journey from crayons, to fountain pens. We start off knowing Jesus died for us and we are forgiven for our mistakes, but we had not grown in our faith enough to toss the eraser away. Or do we.

You see, we may be at any stage in our spiritual journey and continue to make mistakes. lucky for us there is an amazing eraser and His name is Jesus. He alone, not only takes the error and forgives us of our blunders but He along with His Father remembers them no more.

This is the truth of the gospel. Asking Jesus for forgiveness and promising to never make that mistake again erases all our sins and purifies our heart. His blood makes the paper white as snow.

Something to think about.


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