Walk With Him

A very long time ago I heard my minister tell us that we can see God in all the world around us if we only look nearby. As a young lad at the time I decided to do just that on my way home. Yes, there were the obvious ones like plants and flowers, the bright blue sky and those white cotton ball clouds. At the time, that proved to my young inquisitive mind that Rev. Bill Simpson was right.

Over the years, I have seen God in many other places Even in strange and delightful places. Never forgot what he said that morning and over the years, God has shown Himself to me in the most unfamiliar places. A few years later, I saw Him standing at the door of my heart knocking. Of course I let Him in.

That one experience changed my perception of all the places I could see Him. There He was in a person helping an older person across the road, and even in the grocery store reaching to the top shelf for a shorter person who just couldn’t quite reach. I pray that you can, like me see God in others. That was and is the best place to see Him.

Last week I saw Him again. And no, it wasn’t seeing Him in me, even though that does happen. I saw God in the most loving place. I just happened to be out driving to the grocery store daydreaming as I drove. Then out of nowhere, there He was. Across the corner was a tall dad, walking with his young son. An everyday happening for them I assume. They were walking and talking and dad had his arm about the boy with his hand resting on his shoulder.

BAM! What an amazing picture of God and us. I saw God walking with me and with you and I knew that God doesn’t walk with His big hand on our head but on our shoulder where we can feel the love and know His continual gentle guidance as “He walks with me and He talks with me and He tells me I am His own”.

I pray that the best place you see Jesus is in your everyday life, just spending time together.

Something to think about.


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