Wait – Commercial Time

I have a lot of problems with commercials on tv as many of you know. For some reason, these advertisers think I need their product, which I don’t. I don’t even know them. But I will get to that. Here I am the other day, muting all the commercials without letting one get by me. Break for an ad and click, mute still works well. On occasion I actually miss pushing the mute while I’m in the kitchen looking for a snack or doing dishes.

Inevitably there are usually two things I hear from these ads. The first is, ‘This item will revolutionize your life’. Now, I know it’s not true, but they do everything to convince me that I needed it. While I was on holidays in FL, where they have more pill pushing commercials than any other place in the world according to my thoughts, I realized these pill ads take more time to tell you the side effects than the value of taking the medication. MUTE!

The second thing commercials tell us, ‘you deserve this’ or ‘you have earned it’. I didn’t know that. What have I done in my life to deserve earning the opportunity to buy this item? Maybe I earned it by watching the ad or could it be I have lots of money so I can buy this item so that I share my money with people who make more money than I do. This is so insane. And here it comes, ‘I don’t even know them’ so how do they know my needs.

What I know I don’t deserve is forgiveness from God. What I need is forgiveness. What I also know is, He wants us to be in a relationship with Him and that happens when we ask Him to forgive our sins (because He is the only one who can do that) and we accept Christ as our Saviour. There is a price for sin and Jesus paid it in full so I don’t have to. No commercial, no ads, just forgiveness because Jesus paid the price for my sin.

Something to think about.


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