Together While Apart

We are all talking about how life has changed in just two months. We do grocery shopping on one day. We fill up the gas tank in the car once every month or so. Many of us are now shopping online. Maybe for you the realization that you are spending less money has been one of the better things that is happening.

At the same time we keep away from each other and talk only on our computers or that old fashion apparatus, the  telephone.  It’s not that we don’t want to see each other and spend time together, it’s just the reality we live right now that keeps us safe and well. How about the couple that met each other across balconies and are now united in heart until this separation disappears.

I have had trouble lately getting my head around the bible verse that tells us to: ‘not give us meeting together’. What I know is, for over 60 years I have been living that verse.  I know I’m old, but seeing the brothers and sisters in Christ is what I look for each Sunday.  I can still close my eyes and see many people who have been part of the Christian family I have been part all these years.

As with you, I find it’s not easy to live in social distancing and self isolation. It’s just plain hard, even when there are more than two in a home. We are for the most part, social beings. We want to be with each other and do things together and share moments that we can’t do now. I just heard about a wedding this past weekend where only 10 people were allowed to gather. The only two people that got a hug were the bride and groom. But when they came out of the church all the family were there, social distancing and they were together to celebrate.

This I know, when this social distancing if finally over, there is going to be a huge rush to see each other again and the best place this is going to be is in our home of worship. The reunion will be wonderful and we will be together, worship Him who sent His son because He was missing having a personal relationship with each on of us.

Something to think about



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