The World Changes Every Day

Change comes in different ways. In the fifties, things moved along at a snail’s pace. This meant that change wasn’t as noticeable as it is today. In the sixties, the pace was picking up. Even in the church it was forced to change and try to keep up. This happened in spite of how the ‘older folks’ tried to hold on to the ‘the way it has always been’.

In the seventies, we started to accept changes. Our cars changed with the muscle car craze. Everything started to speeding up in most other areas of life. Our homes changed, the way we looked at life change and it appeared things were moving along with so many things to keep us occupied. Well, except the church.

In the eighties, and on into the nineties, it seemed that no one had time to sit back and relax. Life was getting more and more complicated. But the church was in many ways holding on to the past. The speed of life accelerated to break neck speed. It was the same with our children who needed entertainment every waking moment of their young lived. Or so we thought. First thing in the morning they sat in front of the tv and the screen took over the babysitting chore.

This increase in speed of life has continued to accelerate. It’s almost as if we don’t have time for ourselves, let alone time for God. Many churches have not kept up to the speed of the 2020’s. It is trying to hold on to one thing that is constant. Sorry to say it can’t. The only think that can be a constant at church now is: “the message never changes”. And the only thing constant in modern day life is the screen that used to sit on the livingroom floor is being held in everyone’s hand. At church, everyone is asked to turn off their cellphone. And that can be a good thing.

The method of doing church is changing, the way we are being the church is changing with it. But what does this mean to you, where you live life? It means that for one or so hours a week, we can sit before the God of all creation and take a breath. It’s a time when you can talk to Him and He talks to you. It may be the only time in your week where you can live out this verse: Psalm 46:10 God said, “Be still, and know that I am God.”

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