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The Winds Of God Blow Through Our Hearts

And the big wind blew! How was it at you place yesterday afternoon? We were just home from church and I was spending some time on the computer when all of a sudden I hear a big bang. At that moment the electricity went out and the screen when black. This has happened the odd time but came back on pretty quick. Not this time. The wind was so severe the rain was going sideways and you couldn’t see five feet in front of us. I didn’t know that until I looked up from my computer screen.
I looked out the window on the second floor and didn’t see our line broken, and then I went to another window and noticed the electric pole was broken in half. Venturing outside, as the rain had stopped, I took some time to take picture. Went back inside and came out a few minutes later after seeing a number of people out taking all kinds of pictures. Turns out, I had not looked north on the street or I would have found one of the oldest trees on our street (over 100) was laying across the road and onto the neighbour’s lawn. I had not seen it the first time out as I didn’t look around.
It’s now the next morning, twelve hours later. Six electrical trucks have been working all night to replace six poles and all the wires. And one large truck is turning that very large tree into mulch. Those living close by didn’t get much sleep with that chipper going all night.
This reminds me of the moment in my life when the Holy Spirit came into my heart. It was like what happened in the bible when the disciples heard the mighty wind and the Spirit of God, which Jesus said would come, arrived. This doesn’t always happen this way but it does happen. And it happens when we least expect it. It comes when we are not looking and it blows all the old stuff away and cleans our heart. It happens when we ask Jesus into our hearts.
Have you done that yet? Go ahead ask Him and the winds of change will change your life.
Something to think about.