The Most Beautiful Part Of Ceation

Let’s just say that we are a civilization that loves nice things. We do. I’m not the first in line to admit it but I’m with all of you. The evidence of this is found in the spring auto show & trailer show. These are followed by the bike show. Nice things for nice people how have a few extra dollars to pamper themselves.

I remember back when things weren’t that simple. If truth be told we didn’t have much when we started out so, ‘window shopping’ was all we could afford. And that was okay. Then time changed and we changed with the society that surrounded us and commercialism took hold and Sunday was no longer off limits for shoppers, one and all.

Not sure if age has anything to do with it but over the last few years my vision has changed its focus.  Yes, I’ve gone back to ‘window shopping’ and began reflected on what God put in my heart to focus on. It’s not manufacture items. It’s by coincidence, (and I don’t think there is such a thing as coincidence), all those things He created. It goes the whole gamut of the things we can see and touch and experience in the world around us that no human can take credit for.

Maybe too many times I talk about the full moon this morning, or the double rainbow, the waving wheat in the fields, sunrise and sunset. As spring lifts its head, take a look around and noticed the snowbells and the leaves starting to break out on that bush in a warm corner of your back yard. Go for a drive in the country and notice the farm animals, the rushing streams and cascading waterfalls and the very green fields of fall rye. That is where the most important experiences are.

I wonder what God was thinking when He became creative way back in Genesis. Thinking about it is when we can be humbled that He made all of these things including creating human beings to share it with. It is then that I realize that His greatest creation is us and not the man made things that need to consume our lives. The most beautiful part of creation is found in each of our family and friends. I guess it’s time to thank Him for those who enrich our lives by, not buy, just being with us every day.

Something to think about



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