Teach Me The Ways

A long time ago, I learned about ‘Life Long Learning’. Or maybe it was that I just slid into it a few years after realizing that I didn’t know everything. Just so you know, I still don’t. They say that there are more books printed today in one year than you can read in a lifetime. That’s lots of words.

In our world we have two ways to relate to this information. We either engage in the learning or we just take snippets of what we are interested in. Reminds me of some individuals I knew over the years that bought magazines and just, you know, looked at all those beautiful pictures. I did that at one time when I was interested in old cars and motorcycles.

We can also enjoy our lives and get through fine, thank you very much, just getting by and having an entertaining way of moving on in life. But, aha, you knew that was coming. But is it enough? As I have said on a number of occasions, Artie Shaw just couldn’t just coast. His theme of life was, “Good enough is not good enough”. And for most of us, we love to learn new things. Not all things, but new things that perk our interest.

The more we get excited about something the more we read and go out and learn by doing. That is what I’m talking about. At most of the churches I have preached at I had a sermon on ‘enthusiasm’. It’s never the same but it has its root in that one word. Interestingly enough it’s not about hockey or baseball, or any of that stuff. When we break it down we get three words; en or IN and Theos or God, the rest is Excitement. So we put it together and we get Excitement In God and I can really get into knowing Him.

All the other interests I have and hopefully all yours are second to getting to know Him and the power of His resurrection. That is a life time process of learning about the Christ who died that we might have life.

Something to think about.

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