Take Time…

When I was young, we kids knew when it was spring. We thought it always came at Easter. We had calendars back then just like now, but because of the era we lived in, we were more apt to associate life to the Christian Calendar. Church was important, not just for Easter for spring and Christmas for winter, but for all the days of the year that related to something we found in our bibles.

Did you know that according to the Jewish calendar we are in the year 5778 and that the Messiah is expected to come before the year 6000? I used to remember all the special Sundays at church and even knew the rhyme we used to recite so we knew which came where and before and after the others. Not anymore, (but if you remember that rhyme, send it to me).

Today I’m not one for remembering special date and even have to look them up so I don’t miss any. Nice to have a calendar on the computer that informs me of all the special dates so I don’t forget them.

Another thing, I know the most important day to me. And if you guessed Halloween, sorry. It’s every Sunday. I get to go and worship God with so many others who come and worship together. It’s important for each of us to go to church, to take an hour out of our hectic schedules and spend time with the only one who has time for us all the time.

I know our world is changing and people fit God into their schedule when they have time. That just how this new paradigm works. Sorry I’m old. You see, being old has made me very aware that I need church. Not just to worship Him but also to be refreshed so I can get through the next week. Almost like coming for a fill up. But ask yourself, did Jesus take time to pay for your sins? Or did He say, “I’ll get to it when I get time.” Now ask yourself, ‘Am I taking time for Him?’

Something to think about


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