Start While You Have Lots of Time

Are you getting tired of winter? Has Groundhog Day got you down? This past week I heard from many people say they have these same feelings. They even shared other feelings and even symptoms that pertain directly to the weather outside. I know I do and not too happy with getting cabin fever as well. Last week when it was really cold, I decided to just stay inside if I didn’t have to go out. Even though I was looking for something special to do.

It was nice in a strange sort of way to just sit and look out the window at the beautiful snow covered back yard. Even started thinking of spring that arrives in six week and all that sort of stuff. Unfortunately I was shaken from the dream and back to reality by my neighbour starting up his snow blower.  

So with that off my mind I flip a switch and find myself developing a plan. A plan for what might happen in six weeks. I surmised this was a good time to start planning while we are cooped up inside. What do you want to do when the weather breaks? What are we going to do on March Break? With that done, now approach what next is on the agenda or the list of things you need to accomplish? That’s another problem, always having things to do. But the best one is planning where you want to be in life next month, next year, even, where do you want to be five years from now?

I have a suggestion that you can start today. Remember the disciples Christ called? Yes, those twelve fellows who put their life on hold to follow Jesus and learn from Him. We may not be able to put our life on hold to follow Jesus like they did but I believe we can escape daily life for a number of minutes each day to walk close to Him and learn more and more about following Christ every day.  We need to commit ourselves to doing this every day. Ah, that’s it, start now, today.  and could start it while we are on this side of that very cold window. This way, we can start working on where we want to be spiritually in a year, in five years.  Just like the song says: “Just A Closer Walk With Thee”. Do it every day for the rest of your life.

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