SPRING – Yes It’s True

I think we can categorically say that spring has finally arrived.  We had some warm weather that was a precursor of things to come.  It seemed to take longer this year to finally arrive.  Incidentally, my Snow Bells bloomed for more than a month due to the overly cool weather which gave me something to look at until the other bulbs began to come up out of the ground. Now, all our gardens have the daffodils, crochets and the tulips. What glorious colours. I also noticed in the last few days, the trees were starting to bud. But you knew that because the Forsythia is showing its true colours.
All of this means our summer is starting and along with it is an arm’s length list of things to do. Mind you, this is not just one of those ‘to do’ lists we seem to always be adding to. It is a list of what we would like to not only fill our weeks but especially our weekends.  After all there are only 18 weekends between now and putting all the lawn stuff back away for another year. Summer is a wonderful time for us who have four seasons. And sometimes we discard our normal routine to grasp at new things and new places and adventures that normally wouldn’t be part of our ordinary lives.
This reminded all of us there are some normal routines we can’t be set aside.  Case in point, ready, anything to do with cleaning. HA. And you thought I was going to list them. There are too many things we shouldn’t neglect just because summer brings so many different diversions.
Short and sweet because you knew this was coming. Here it is; Psalm 122:1 “I rejoiced with those who said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord.”  See you in the building.
Something to think about.

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