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Something to Talk About

Have you ever notice how so many young people have little to no concept of who God is. I had opportunity recently to sit and listen, (without them realizing) to young people and their conversation. They talked about this, that and the other. They talked and texted and seemed to be in their own little world. Then I realized that I was seeing a glimpse of myself a long time ago. Well except for the texting bit. Did I ever tell you about my girlfriend’s mom putting a phone in my room and paying the monthly bill so I could talk to her anytime I wanted? No, another time then.
Young people have, and are involved just as much as we were fifty years ago. They have the desire and willingness to be connected and part of the culture they find themselves in with one exception. We knew about the existence of God and we could choose whether we wanted Him or not. Today, God usually isn’t part of the equation. Could be part of the Darwin stuff added to school curriculum, or prayer no longer in schools. By the way, if Darwin was right, don’t you think after 150 years someone would have proved it?
If you are reading this, you might be asking yourself, how can we fix it? In many cases, it can’t be. With three thousand churches closing each year, the voice of the Christian church is slowly fading from our society. But, and you knew that was coming, but I still think it can change when we take the time to talk about God to those young individual who is part of our life. Another but, but you have to start the conversation they don’t have that reference. And start by telling your faith journey with God.
Something to think about