Sleep! Not!

This morning I just felt like staying in bed. Most ministers wake up Monday morning and want to resign. It’s true. Many of them put so much into Sunday that when Monday morning comes along, they are tired and just want to walk away. That is why most ministers take Monday off.

Well, that is not why I wanted to stay in bed today. August and September are always busy. It is that time of year when there is just so much to get ready for a new year and a new season and so many people returning to church to begin all that is going to happen in the next ten months. I get excited at this time of year. There are so many possibilities. That is why I never take holidays in the summer.

The line is true; ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. Now, the reason I’m interested in staying in bed this morning is, I would just like to take a day off and, well, try to sleep in. Probably never happen but that is alright, at least I can think about it. If you think about it, we all need a day off. Someone once asked me if I ever take a Sunday off of church. Don’t anyone be surprised, yes I do. Not very often but I do.

Some of you take a day off now and again, and that is okay as well. There are two things to remember about this issue. 1. The bible tells us God never slumbers now sleeps. That’s good to know 2. We are not God. And even though He never slumbers nor sleeps, on the seventh day of creation, He rested. If He is up all night, we can rest assured He watches over us.

Go ahead; sleep in sometime when you can. Oh, one more thing, never neglect getting together and worship God.

Something to think about.



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