Simple Fix

The other day I was able to take care of a problem I had at the house. I plugged something into the extension cord that was plugged into the wall before I was to use the tool. For some reason, I got called away and you know the drill. It was one thing after another, after another, after . . . I know you can relate.

In fact I didn’t get back to it until the next day. By then my mind had moved on to other things and it took me a while to get my brain in gear for this project. After checking all the set up routine, including safety measures I turned on the switch expecting the tool to burst into action and away we would go. Didn’t happen. Actually, nothing happened and as any red blooded male would do I turned it off and on a number of times. Still nothing.

Before I decided to take the tool all apart and check it out, which might have led to going to the store and buying a new tool because I can’t seem to get it back together again, I followed the cord, then the extension cord. Wouldn’t you know it, somehow the extension had come out of the wall. Easy fix and I didn’t even have to go as far as calling Allan.

Then I got to work and all went well. Did you know that the same thing is true with our spiritual lives? So many times we need to get plugged in. At times we stretch our extension cords of the soul to the limit and they come out of the wall of the source of all life. It takes going back and taking a serious look at where we became disconnected. Many times we come unglued when things aren’t going right. It’s those times, we need to stop and go back, find our spiritual disconnect and get back to God.

By the way, He can fix everything. just thought you would like to know that.

Something to think about


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