Say Something Nice

Something has been on my mind for a long time and I hope you don’t mind if we talk. It seems like everything that goes on FB is picked up and criticised by almost everyone. For example; a person goes out and loses 50 lbs and posts a picture, then so many people write back telling the person they should wait until they’re skinny to post a picture. Or, on the news feed they are taking about how terrible it is that Prince Harry is ignoring the press. What! He and Megan are already in a fish bowl existence and they are upset because they want a ‘normal’ life experience. Seems that most of them compliment and say congratulations. Then there are the people who must troll the internet all day and they say things like: ‘ooww, you should have waited until you lost another 100lbs. Nobody needs to see that’. Really people?!?

I’m thinking, wasn’t Jesus the Son of The King Eternal? Maybe that is why Jesus came when He did. He had His critics. I can only imagine what people would post on the internet about Him. But then again, with His power, He could end the www. His critics then were mostly the ministers and church leaders. Remember the time He went back to His hometown and did some amazing teaching. The leaders and people argued, (my words) “Who does He think He is. He’s just a carpenter’s son. And where did He go to school to get to teach like this?”

I can only imagine what it would be like for Him to be here today. After all, there are people, who don’t believe He was who He said He was, they would be filling His FB page with terrible stuff? Out there, people think they are number one. They don’t believe in Jesus. They also think they can get themselves to heaven, if there is one, because they are their own god.

Back to FB. Even though the creator of Microsoft wants everyone to get off FB, because of all the bullying, we have the opportunity to change this in our small piece of this world. If you are going to post something, say something good. That’s biblical. I remember where it says, ‘build each other up….”. Or how about that saying you heard your grandparents tell you; “If you can’t say something good, don’t say anything at all.”

Something to think about.

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