Rubbing Off On Others

Many of us are looking for the end of the rainbow. Our rainbow might be getting out and embracing some of what we had in life before all this started. We also know that after a storm there is a rainbow. While I have been isolated, I didn’t stay that way. Oh yes, I was in the house or on the back grass. It also gave me time to embrace some of the things that I forgot I had.

I was, in the good times, too busy trying to be busy. This has all changed that. It was also a time to clean up things, go through boxes that have been in my closest for decades. Yes, you read that right. This year, we will have been here in this house twenty-five years. Over that time, just like you, we have collected a lot of things. Things that are part of the memories.

My life seems to have always been filled with new beginnings. When I went to college, I only took what I could carry. Stuff got thrown out and the baggage I carried stayed behind. When I first married, it was another start. One year, we moved three times in one year. Not much baggage after that. Moving to Saskatchewan was another time of clearing things out.

After all of this, there was are still things that never get thrown away. And so, I have a closet full of things that will be here no matter where I live next or what happens in my life. It’s not that I’m holding on to these items, but holding on to the memory of those individuals who were and are part of my life. People who walked with me and provided me with what I needed to add to all the rest you who being part of my life has made me who I am today.

You have had the same journey. In this time of waiting for the rainbow, use the technology we have to put the things down and connect with people. People you know or knew, people you need to meet tomorrow and then those who need to meet you.

God wanted to meet us and He didn’t send the monitor you are staring at right now for video games. He gave us His Son who came and connected with eleven amazing men, who met others until the epidemic of Christianity showed up for us. God sent generation after generation until it got to us so we could meet Jesus. Maybe this blog is your nudge to find Him. And the most important part of meeting Jesus is hearing Him say, “I love you”. John 3:16

Something to think about.



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