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Last week I was driving and noticed maybe for the first time in years, that I was the only one on the QEW. Yes, it was a holiday weekend and I was up way too early, champing at the bit to get to church. I enjoyed the solitude. Turned the radio down low and just spent time with God.
Many people in our world today don’t do this. Most people always have the radio on or the tv just for background noise or have it for the company. Which gives me the impression, no one wants to be alone. Just as I was thinking this, a single car way back behind me came into view.
The simple reality is, if we have God, we have all we need. Even when we are totally alone, God is with us, watching over us, comforting us and make life so amazing we can’t but smile at His amazing presence.
Take a moment each day this week and sit in the quiet solitude of God’s presence and just experience Him. Then you will smile and know that if all you have is God, it is all you need.
Something to think about