Planning With Your Eyes Closed

How did you get up this morning? Did you jump out of bed and hit the floor running?  Or maybe you just lay there for a few minutes and then slowly push back the warm covers and search for the slippers so your feet don’t touch the cold wood floor. Then again, if you are retired or it’s a day off, you just smile and roll over and get comfortable so, if you’re lucky, you will get another half hour.

I consider myself very lucky in getting up. And even though I don’t jump out of bed much anymore, I wake-up on my own and great the day with two things. First I wake up and smile because of all the opportunities I have at my disposal to make this day a great day.  The second part of waking up is spending a few minutes planning my day. I think Jesus did this. But, yes, there are opportunities but opportunities without planning means not much will happen. You heard this before but; ‘if you fail to plan you plan to fail’.

Even in my advance age I still plan my day each morning. Last night I thought and highlighted in my mind what I planned to accomplish, fell asleep while doing so, but in the morning I remembered, then, I got up. The other difference I have that I consider an asset is, I don’t get up to an alarm clock. Over many decades I have not set the alarm. Each and every morning I (in spring) wake to the birds singing instead of being jarred awake by a buzzing device.

So, here it is. If you go to bed early enough, your body will wake up when it’s ready. A number of times in my life I thought about what Jesus might have done in His life. How he used to get up at dawn. Which made me think of what David once said, “I meet the day…” David was positive in so many ways but maybe he knew as Jesus did that the best way to meet the day was talking to the Father of all life.

Something to think about.



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