Many years ago, I worked as a Milwright apprentice at one of the steel mills here in Hamilton. It was a great opportunity to learn many new skills and I loved working with my hands. Fortunately God had other plans for my life that didn’t include getting covered in oil and grease. Part of the apprenticeship included making some tools that we would need as the years would go by. They weren’t difficult projects, One of the first things we all had to made were tool boxes. The steel mill made sheets of steel and we cut them to size, bent them, welded and pop riveted them where instructed.  It turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.
The next item on the list was to make a drill gauge. It is used in the sharpening process of drills to let you know when you sharpen a drill to a precisely  the exact angle to facilitate perfect cutting of the metal you are drilling. With one piece of mettal and only using a file, I worked on it until I thought it was pretty good. When I finished it and took it to the instructor he looked it over and over and over again. When he finished measuring and checking he said only one word; ‘perfect’. Then he put it the showcase for others to see. Haven’t seen it since.
That is exactly what God does in us. He formed us perfect in our mother’s womb and when He has made us perfect we are displayed to the world as His creation, created in Christ for good works. The caption about our calling is true in my life and it’s true in yours.That is you my friend. I believe we are all that perfect me. I know this because God doesn’t make junk.

Something to think about.


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