PERFECT, not me.

There are many people out there looking for the perfect everything and anything. They want the perfect car, the perfect house, the perfect mate. There are many more perfect things we are looking for but I need to burst your bubble. There are none. Yup, not one. Henry Leland was one of many men who tried to make a perfect car. That’s him in the picture. He did it twice with Cadillac and then with the Lincoln. He was determined not to ship one car unless it was perfect. Not one was shipped and Edsel Ford came along and saved the company producing many near perfect automobiles, but never a perfect one. You might think you have found a perfect whatever, that is until another one will show up and you will realize the one you have isn’t so perfect after all.

Isn’t it interesting that the most over used word in our vocabulary right now seems to be the word ‘perfect’. Case in point, go into any restaurant and order you entrée and the waitress will say, ‘perfect’. I ordered a very healthy chicken noodle soup just the other day and she said, ‘perfect’. Well, no it’s not because if it was something resembling perfect, to me it would have been a two foot long rack of ribs. With that, is perfect subjective? I would say, yes it is.

I also know some people who have dropped at the churches I have pastored. They came  for a couple of weeks and then disappear just as quickly as they arrived. They are on a search for a perfect church. Warning, if you are one of those individuals who is looking for a perfect church, don’t come to try us out. Our church is not perfect because it’s filled with soul sick people looking for healing.  

A lady once asked D. L. Moody where she could find a perfect church. He said he didn’t know. Then said; “When you find one, don’t join it because then it won’t be perfect anymore. This is what I know: there are only two perfect things in this world, First, God is perfect. And if He is the only one, God in Three, then, I will be in an un-perfect church every Sunday searching to find something about my perfect God to add to who I am. And that brings us to the second item. Christ is the one and only perfect sacrifice that takes my sins away. One more warning this week, perfection is a life long journey that will only find fulfillment when we step through the gates of heaven. Let’s journey together.

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