It’s March Break! For the students that is. In most cases, us adult trudge on. Oh, we do have holidays throughout the year and in many cases, can pick the ones we want. Then there are the fortunate ones who not only have a mid-winter break but also, go somewhere warm. Oh, that would be so nice. Or would it? After all, I’m not one for crowds. And if everyone has gone away to a warmer climate, I’d rather just stay where I am.

My neighbour likes where he is. When we mention we are going away, he tells me he doesn’t have to go anywhere because where he is, is in his vacation destination. When he first shared this to me I just shock my head and walked away.

Over the years I have grown to understand what he is saying. Here is what I came to understand. We need to always be comfortable where we are. And this doesn’t just go for physically where we are located. It also goes for every part of our life. Interestingly and especially in the area of our spiritual journey.

Many of you know that my ‘thing’ in life is JOY. Well, I’m starting to think about ‘peace’. God of the Old Testament told the people He wanted to give them peace. Jesus told the disciples and us indirectly that He would give us peace, His peace. And that is something I can get my teeth into.

I started reading about what this is, what it entails and all kinds of other ephemera thought. Here now is what I think: “Peace, total peace is knowing I’m right where God has me right now”. Do you get it? Where are you in your internal life. Are you at peace? Then maybe you are as fortunate as I am, being where God has me right now. If not…

Something to think about



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