Pancakes & Ashes

Well did you repent Wednesday morning?  Yes, you. This coming Wednesday, is Ash Wednesday. It is the start of the 40 days of Lent and you probably will have pancakes tomorrow morning. It is also one of the churches high Holy Days. It is when we start the walk to the cross with Jesus. In some traditions, they put ashes on their forehead to signify their repentance for sin.
Pretty intense I must say.
Even the ashes have a significance that can’t be denied. They actually come from last years palm leaves of, ready, Palm Sunday. I believe what it is saying without saying is that all of what Jesus did is connected with what we believe  Him to be. Does that make sense?
A long time ago someone said to me that you either believe all of it because if you don’t, none of it is true. It is my joy to know the truth of Christ and to know it fully, totally without reservation that He is not just who He says He is but even more than we can comprehend now in this world.
A beautiful hymn that moves me and has for most of my adult life comes to mind on days like Ash Wednesday. It goes like this: When we all get to heaven, What a day, of rejoicing that will be, When we all see Jesus, We’ll sing and shout the victory. And that is because, it doesn’t start and end with ashes on the forehead. It goes full circle, not just to the crucifixion, but the the resurrection, and the ascension.
This is all about a spiritual journey with Jesus. It is following Him through the good times and the bad. Just like we have in our life. It is arriving at the crucifixion, and thinking it was all a dream. Then we wake up Sunday morning looking for Jesus and finding out He is risen and He is who He said He was.
Something to think about

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