Our World is Changing

The world as we know it is changing dramatically as I write this at 5am Monday morning. We have been told the world changes with each major event in modern times. A thousand years ago, things happened but life went on as if nothing had. Life changed that day.

This all changed that cool November day in 1963 when J. F. Kennedy died. The innocent life we lived changed. People believe life also changed when a beautiful person died needlessly August 31 1997. We had been mesmerized by her and found something we could take hold of and embrace. That was the world’s fairy tale princess. It was almost like having a new person in our family, until that eventful day and we continue to talk about her. Life changed again forever.

It happened again one Tuesday morning, Sept 11 2001. Many of us had settled down into our daily routine, with a frame of mind that told us we were doing okay, but only okay. Life changed with those 4 pilots who crashed and died, killing 2996 and injuring 25000. Our innocence was gone. A world going out of control has shadowed us ever since. But we fought on, well almost. We will ever see the evidence of this act all around us.

Now we have a world changing virus. Yes, we have had them before, ie: Spanish flu of 1918. We are told to stay home, close our businesses and work from home. What the government is telling us are all good measures to heed. In light of what is happening we need to know two things. First of all, most all life changing events are self-created. Secondly God will take care of you. Paul said it best when he wrote in Philippians, “To live is Christ, and to die is gain”. Maybe it’s time to Trust Him to get us out of this. Life is changing.

As the world continues, we know He is working with men and women worldwide to combat the virus. He is in the minds and hearts of everyone who wish that none should be lost. I believe in Him and we all need to join in prayer asking Him to take care of us now.

Something to think about.

Be Safe.



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