On A Light/er Note

One thing that I like at this year is the amount of daylight we are experiencing. No more vitamin D for me right now, at least for a little while. For much of the year, I take vitamin D due to having SAD. But now, at this time of year, I’m out early and see the first glimmer of light about 4:30am. It’s totally awesome.  I think God does this for us early birds.

On the other side of coin, or should I say, the other side of the planet, I’m headed for bed with the last glimmer of daylight still evident in the western sky. That gives us 15 hours 15 minutes of sunlight with about an hour on each end of sunrise and sunset. That comes out to over 17 hours of vitamin D.

Interestingly, the people who live north of us get even more. When we were in Saskatchewan, I remember the sun didn’t go down until after 10pm and it started to come up about 1:30am. Now that’s a lot of Sun. But it’s not as much as my friend in Northern BC who has some form of sunlight constantly at this time of the year.  Maybe we need to have our summer vacations in Northern BC and winters in Australia.

All of this trivia came to mind this morning just to let you know, we need more and more of the Son in our lives all day, all night so we don’t experience SAD in our spiritual lives. After all He promised us joy and peace, love and hope, along with real faith that gets us through each one of our days, rejoicing because He Loves Us.

Something to think about.   


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