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Nothing Is Impossible

Have you ever wanted to sing what Frank Sinatra sang, “I did it my way”? I believe what we followers of Jesus Christ really want to say is; “We want to do it God’s way.” But when I reflect back to how I arrived where I am today I have just a few people to thank for getting me here besides God. Beyond them I spent time talking to God and listening to what He had to say. He always told me to never give up and never take a back seat in my life. Then He called me into ministry.
Sometimes things we deal with every day are difficult. At other times, almost impossible. But impossible has seldom been part of my vocabulary. It might have seemed like a road block, but just as my GPS finds another route, so did God find it for me.
Early on in my faith journey I seemed to always have a song to sing when things seemed beyond me. Almost every time I visit with my friend Val and he works on what to me seems impossible watch repair, he whistles. I guess his song is from Disney and Snow White, ‘Whistle While You Work’. Mine just happens to be “Nothing Is Impossible”, because it is that faith I have in God that drives me forward.
We don’t get where we get to in life if we don’t push on the impossible and make it happen. I remember my first sermon and cringe at what it must have sounded like. Today, I learned from the first one and the one hundredth and even the 5000 sermon. They were all steps in getting to where we end up. (Just a further not, even now some sermons are not great).
Like Billy Graham, when I get to heaven, I won’t be preaching any more. And I can’t be in the choir like Bev Shea, because I can’t sing. But what I would love to do for Jesus when I get to heaven is go around and welcome all those new arrivals who have loved Christ in their life. I would be excited to invite them to come in and worship the King and hear what He has to say in person. What are your plans?

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