Not Long Now!

Only a few weeks to go and the kids will be out of school for two months. Just thought I would mention it. Summer in this part of North America is so beautiful and lucky for us, we get to enjoy it for more than two months. Referring to the last blog, do you have your list in hand?

Might I add something to that list? I know all of us want to spend time with our immediate family. And I know that our family mean a lot to us. As you look at your list you will inevitably recognize that most of our summer plans include those people that take up so much of our lives. I’m excited and I know you are because God wrote an amazing book that is all about relationships and those who were close to each other. There are times as I read The Book, that I see some of what I read in people I know. Now some of those stories I wouldn’t have chosen but He did and He did it for a reason.

God wants us to know that life isn’t always perfect. You only have to ask Job about that one. This leads me to what I want you to do this summer. I want you (and me) to include everyone you can to be part of this amazing summer that is just days away from all of us. Include those who you don’t get together with very often. Reach out to family and friends that, like us have been caught up in too much of life at the exclusion of people that really mean something to us.  Even reach out to those you have had tension with. Lastly, get together with God and the people you would say are part of your spiritual family.

In all of these, like Job, bring God along. He loves writing stories about relationships and He wants to write about you and your amazing summer.

Something to think about.



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