Summer vacation for our children has started already for some and the rest will come out of the school door for the last time very soon. My guess for some, it will be a carefree summer. For others, it will be learning more things the schools can’t provide.

Our teachers are amazing people who dedicate their lives to educate our children for us with grace and dignity. They don’t just teach the children subjects but many spend extra time teaching all the essentials of life. Things like good manners, respect and having a positive influence in their lives.

We on the other hand have a God given responsibility to help these teachers in ‘training a child’ in the village of life. They’re something else. We the village of faith need to show our children God, Christ and the Holy Spirit, in such a way that they know the truth about John 3:16. But also the truth that our dark world wants to cover up.

Take the summer to show our children God’s love.







Friendship Sunday, June 30th 11:00am – The fifth Sunday of June is that special Sunday where we invite friends or family members to church. We want them to join us here. The goal is not to just put another person in a chair but move a person to a new or renewed faith in Christ. Take this opportunity to invite someone this coming week and help them get here.

Farewell to David & Jonas, July 28th 11:00pm – It has been wonderful to have these two gentlemen with us this past year as they attended the church while on a one year program working with YFC and ReSoul next door. They also offered their youth and strength in working around the property.



Preparing for September starts now. As we start a new year here at the church, we are in need of individuals who would like to take on a ministry here. God has called on us to reach the lost. It takes work and a team dedicated to telling the story of Jesus Christ and how He has changed our lives. We are in need of a number of people.
1.       New Board Member
2.       Children’s Ministry
3.       Youth Coordinators
4.       Building & Grounds workers
5.       Small Group Study Leaders
6.       Kitchen Staff
7.       Computer Assistance
8.       Office Assistant



Barkley Family – Remember the family as they look to the Lord for peace in their time of loss

Judy Webb – Doing very well and getting more mobile since her knee surgery

Ryan – also had knee surgery and is coming along well.

Deborah – Results are in and more doctor appointments but it looks good

Ruth Brown – home and doing well

Heather – A friend of the pastor who just got married last summer. She comes from a line of family who have struggled with cancer. She has now also been confirmed to have cancer. Pray for her.

Effie – A friend of the pastor who has been told she has a rare cancer and is not in treatment.

Toby Lawrence – ongoing treatment this coming Thursday

Ilish Chan

Deo – health issues

Family & Friends who are searching for answers in life and in their souls

Individuals looking for work

Individual medical issues & life struggles

Individuals dealing with depression and anxiety

Our commitment to Christ

Our church board

Missionaries & CBM

MBC Youth Ministry

House Of Prayer, Pakistani Congregation

French Congregation

Coptic Church & new facilities

South Asian Welcome Centre

Shruti’s Cherub’s Cove Daycare

Our Vision

Unspoken prayers


Let us know if there is something more we can be praying for. Just drop us a line at:


















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