The concept of having everything in its place and a place for everything is well and good. I actually subscribe to that philosophy. That’s right, I do.  Stuff that needs to be in the house is in the house and the things that need to be in the garage are in the garage. Well, except for the car. The car sits outside because the 1930’s garage is too far back in the yard to be useful for a place to put the car.

But what about us? If we were created to, as the Westminster Shorter Confess states, “Man’s chief end is to glorify God,[1] and to enjoy him forever.[2], where are we? God intended us to be near Him all the days of our lives and then stand in His presence when we experience our future eternal life. Which has me ask you, have you found you place and are you in the place God wants you to be?

Make this your goal for this year. Find the place you need to be and never move away.

Pastor Robin





Oct. 28th 11am – We will have a special guest, Norm Bishop with us to bring a word from the Lord. He has been with us before and be sure to come out.


MEN’S BREAKFAST CLUB, Sat. Nov. 10th 8:30am – Come join us for our next Men’s Breakfast.  We will remind everyone about it. We will also need to know if you are going to be coming to this great morning of food, fellowship and faith. Feel free to bring a friend or family member. Contact Pastor Robin for further details.


Youth Meeting, Nov. 10th – It’s been a long time coming. Saturday night will bring the youth of our church together for the first meeting. We are excited. This is not only going to be a time for youth activities but it will also be a way to reaching out to the youth we know to include them. Contact Pastor Robin for further details


Family Breakfast, Dec 8th We are in the early stages of putting together the Men’s Breakfast Club, Ladies Breakfast Gathering and the MBC Youth and having a Saturday Morning Family Breakfast. If you would like to be involved with putting it together, talk to the pastor very soon.




SAMARITIAN PURSE – The response to our project of sending gifts to needy children is off to a great start. More than 35 boxes have been taken home and a number or individuals have also purchased boxes on line. Remember, they need to be back by November 11th.  If you have yours already together and packed, bring them in as we put them up on the top of the coat rack. If you have not picked one up yet, there are still a few boxes in the foyer.


Jessie Barkley is still in Credit Valley Hospital.  He is fighting the infection and we believe the staff are doing the best they can to get this under control. I will be going to see him this morning.

Ruth Brown is still making progress in her goal of getting back on her feet and back home. Here one daughter who lives out east is now here visiting her.

Monica Slessor is also still in Milton Hospital with Ruth. Some days she is better than others. It is nice for the two of them to have time together each day. Many times if you see one out of their room, you will see the other close by.




Prayers Because We Care

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Ilish Chan – In Joseph Brant being helped after a medical emergency. Remember the family as well.

Ruth Brown & Monica Slessor in rehab at Milton Hospital

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Scott James – endeavouring to put his life back together

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Toby – ongoing issues and his treatments & care conference Nov. 1

Jessie, dealing with a significant infection

Jessie – Dealing with a new environment.

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