It’s always a good day when you wake up, open your eyes and realize you have arrived at tomorrow. Doesn’t matter the weather, or the trials you will have to weather, God has given you another day. A great day! A great day because He promised to always walk with us.
Yes we do sing a great song about this but the word tells us, ‘He will never leave us nor forsake us.’ This means that no matter what we do to leave Him, he is not going to leave us. Francis Thompson wrote about what he found. He wrote in 1912 The Hound of Heaven. This how it begins:

I FLED Him, down the nights and down the days;
I fled Him, down the arches of the years;
I fled Him, down the labyrinthine ways
Of my own mind; and in the mist of tears
I hid from Him, and under running laughter.
We can’t run from God so, let’s all run to Him.

Have a great week.




THIS COMING SUNDAY MORNING @ 10:30am – Come and join us for coffee and conversation, before church begins at 11am. Just a nice casual time getting to know each other better.


NEW SERMON SERIES – THE DISCIPLE WITHIN YOU, Sept. 23rd 11:00am – Our fall series is about discipleship. It will revolve around the 11 Disciples. Christ discipled them and the succession has gone on ever since. Let’s look to them and learn what we can do to impact the church in our future. This series will also see the issues of life we experience and how we can take our bibles into the daily trials of todays society.


CHURCH ANNUAL MEETING Monday Oct. 1st, 7:30pm – This will be a chance for all of us to recognized the wonderful year we have had here at the church and our plans for the future. So many wonderful things have happened this past year and we are excited to find our what God has instore for us this coming year. There will be new challenges and experience including more mountain top happenings. This meeting is for everyone and we would like you at this important meeting.




RUTH BROWN is still working on getting better. She is on floor at Milton Hospital where they work to move the patient to being well enough and mobile enough to return to normal life. Pray that her progress goes well and quickly. James told me recently that she has started to do more walking up and down the hallway on her own. So good to hear. Keep praying for her and the progress she is making.

MONICA SLESSOR is now is also on the same floor as Ruth and together they are moving forward to getting better so they can return home. Once this happens she is going to stay with her two sisters at Betty’s home in Georgetown. Pray for all of them.

JESSIE BARKLEY is moving tomorrow to his new residence at: 2250 Hurontario St., Mississauga, ON L5B 1M8. You can contact him by calling at: 647-806-6000. Give him a call, I know he would appreciate it and he is always looking for a visit.


SAMARITANS PURSE – It is that time of year where we get some shoe boxes and fill them with items for children in far off lands. This may be the childdrens only Christmas gifts and we want to add to what we sent last year. We will have someone coming Oct. 7th to tell us all about it. Take advantage of the back to school sales to fill your shoe boxes with items for children up to teen age. It’s specific for boys or girls.


Sick Kids is now in a fund raising campaign to build a new hospital for their continual treatment of young patients more fully in our twenty first century.
A friend of mine is doing a 5k walk on September 29th to raise funds for the new building. With our own Toby being a recent patient there, we know the need for this hospital to expand.
If you would like to help support this cause, go to the link below and give your support.

Thank you.

Pastor Robin

To Support Sick Kids Click Here



Prayers Because We Care

Monica – in rehab at Milton Hospital

Ruth Brown – in rehab at Milton Hospital

Paul & Paddy’s children Trent & Charise are doing better at home but still need our prayers

Deo – Health issues

Toby – Ongoing treatment

Jessie – Getting mobile and moving tomorrow to his new new residence.

Bessie’s search for a car.

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