The greatest legacy we leave behind are the people we have impacted while we lived life. Here is what I mean. My father’s mother taught me you can learn more if you talk less and the two of us would sit all day not saying a word but listening to everyone else talk. My mother by being who she was taught me to build close relationships. My minister when I was a young teen taught me to love God like no one else. What he showed in his life was, there is nothing in all of creation more important than having Jesus in your life.

If more of us would leave behind something that others would never forget, our life would make a difference in not just one life but in many lives. I pray that all the people I have had in my life might have recognized something in me that impacted their life forever. Amen

Have a great week.





HOT DOG DAZE OF SUMMER, August 19th – This coming Sunday, with the summer working it’s way into fall, we can take one more opportunity to get together over food. Bring the family and bring your friends. Invite them to come learn more about Jesus and then say, “Oh, by the way, we are having hot dogs after worship.” We will have a special message for everyone. So, reach out and bring them in.


BACK TO CHURCH SUNDAY, September 16th – As we continue to have a great summer, remember September is coming. Yes, it’s coming and we are preparing for everyone’s return to church and the start of an amazing fall. The special part of this Sunday is, we would like to see everyone join us as we move into new chances to recognize why God placed us here and at this church. The sermon series for the fall will be dealing with “What we believe and how it changes our life”. See you in the building





Gospel Primer PDF

Do you think you are missing something in your Christian walk? Is there an emptyness of Christ in the other six days of the week. If you are thinking about this, or have in the past, here is a resourse for you that might be the solution of getting you to where you would like to be.

I’m encouraging everyone who gets this Newsletter to go to this website and start today.
As we learned yesterday, when Jesus came closer to Zacchaeus things changed. Maybe Jesus is inviting Himself more fully into your life.

Here is the site again. Give it a try and maybe the other six days will fill up with His presence.

Gospel Primer PDF


SOUTH ASIAN WELCOME CENTRE (SAW) – FOOD DRIVE IS ON! At this time of year many of our community food banks are low in supplies. At this time we want to put together as many non-perishables as we can and bring them to the church to be handed over to Nita & Sushil for distribution. You can also include any kitchen items that might be a help to new Canadians.



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