If you are watching the news you will notice it’s not all good. News to me means anything that comes from the four corners of the compass. Some individual’s watch one channel and then change the channel, the reason is, we get too much and it’s overload right now. That is because it revolves around one subject. Maybe we should join the kids and just watch cartoons.

One newscast that we watch always has some good news right at the end of the news. It’s nice to see. Everyone likes good news. They get the cat down off the telephone pole. People stand outside a resident’s room and sing happy birthday to a woman who just turned 100.

Of all the world groups, we seem to be the only one that has the GOOD NEWS. The bible is good news and we should share that news with everyone we meet. It is the news that keeps us smiling and understanding that ultimately God is in control.

Every day, let’s join together in praying for God’s care of each one of us.






There are no scheduled events at our church for the foreseeable future, but what can come at this time is we can call each other just to keep our faith and connections in our faith healthy and well. Soon we will be getting ready to get back to normal. But right now, stay home and lets stop this pandemic.

We won’t be missing our church. Each week we will be recording the sermons to be shared each Sunday morning on YouTube, Facebook and our website. It will also be emailed to every person who has given us their email address. And if you know someone who has not done that, please let them know it’s available.




EARL SNOW  – One of our former members here at the church passed away last week. We need to be in prayer for the whole family especially Jo-Anne. With all that has been going on in the hospital it must have been a trying time for all of them.

SERMONS   As you have noticed the Sunday message is coming to you each Sunday morning by way of YouTube.  You will get an email with the link. You can also just go to  and pick it up there.

If you know someone who would like to get the connection to it, have them send the pastor their email address and we can put them on our list or if you have any concerns or know of someone who needs our prayers, write to me at:


CHILDREN’S TIME –  I have also started to put a video together for the kids. Again, send me a email and I will get it out to you. We’re also going to be putting it on YouTube and our website.


Scripture of the Year





The Virus – Serious prayer for serious problems. Also praying for those affected by it in sickness and death. Pray that everyone who has no reason to go out will stay at home

Earl Snow Family – With the passing of Earl, pray for Jo-Anne and the family

Harrison – Third visit to Shriner’s Hospital is on hold

Tina’s Dad – at home and doing well

Val – Pastor’s clock-maker friend is doing okay isolated from everyone, he is 90

Toby’s ongoing treatment

Ilish Chan – doing better living in an assisted living facility just south of Hamilton

Blessing – searching for a new place to live, if you can help, let us know

Jerome Ngoh – Some unresolved family issues

Andre, Young Jamaican fellow – looking for God’s call on his life

Search for new leadership here at MBC

Contract talks seem to be getting close to a resolution with the Board of Education

Family & Friends who are searching for answers in life and in their hearts

Individuals we know who are struggling with mental health & addictions

Parents concerned for their adult children

Our Children & Youth Ministry

Individuals struggling with everyday life stresses

Our commitment to grow in Christ & get His message out to the world around us

Our Church Board

Our Pastor & Deborah

Our Missionaries & CBM office workers

French Congregation

3rd Heaven Ministries

House of Prayer, Pakistan Congregation & their leadership

South Asian Welcome Center with Sushil & Nita David

Unspoken prayer requests

Let us know if there is something more we can be praying for. Just drop us a line at:


















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