The year was 1999 and many in the early computer age were very concerned about all computers moving past the 1999 into the year 2000. As it turned out, it was an non-event that never materialized and nothing really changed.

It is now the end of 2019. We are coming to another one of those supposed new life changing moments. It too will be a non-event. One day it will be 2019 and the next day, getting up late, it will be 2020. What will be changing, basically we will change the calendar and continue on.  

A long time ago I realized that if you want things to get better (or worse) you planned for a specific day. And what day it that? It’s called today. Want to make a change in the way you approach your spiritual growth, don’t wait for lent or Advent. Do it today. We all desire to grow our church and we can set dates and activities or even special occasions to make it happen.

Let me tell you there are no magic formulas. But there are two things we can do each and every week:
1.       We can show up often and be part of this wonderful family.
2.       You can love God so much you want to share Him with everyone you know.
In being involved in a vibrant growing faith journey, we will be the instruments God uses to bring other to Himself.  Today is the day to start. That way, as we come up to 2020 we hit the ground running.

See you in the building






Men’s Breakfast Club, **ATTENTION** Change of Date to Oct. 7th @ 8:30am –  It was brought to my attention that the original date was on Thanksgiving Weekend. We will now be meeting  on the first Saturday of October. 
Men and boys, time to get together and have food, fellowship and faith. Mark your calendar and be here to make our first meeting of this new season a memorable one. This meeting will circle around the idea of ‘making a difference’.  See you there.




Ruth Brown is back home at Seasons and doing better after her bout with pnuemonia.

With the middle of the month here, we can be assured of two things. First we are getting back to normal and the swing of life is good. It is also the realization the weather is changing and we will transition past last week and Back To Church Sunday to commit ourselves to having church as part of our every Sunday activity of Worship.



Kids Back to School
Family in NEED of a home. If you know of somewhere, contact Lisa
Family in NEED of day to day items, food etc.
Ruth Brown, In hospital with discharge possibly today
Toby’s ongoing treatment
Ilish Chan
Deo – health issues
Blessing Igahlo is looking for employment
Family & Friends who are searching for answers in life and in their hearts
Individuals we know who are struggling with mental health & addictions
For the Bahamas & the hurricane destruction
Our Children & Youth Ministry
Individuals struggling with everyday life stresses
Our commitment to grow in Christ & get His message out to the world around us
Our Church Board
Our Pastor
Our Missionaries & CBM
Coptic Church & their ministry.
South Asian Welcome Center
Shruti’s Cherubs Cove & New facility
French Congregation
House of Prayer, Pakistan Congregation
Our Vision
Unspoken prayer requests


Family & Friends who are searching for answers in life and in their souls

Individuals looking for work

Individual medical issues & life struggles

Individuals dealing with depression and anxiety

Our commitment to Christ

Our church board

Missionaries & CBM

MBC Youth Ministry

House Of Prayer, Pakistani Congregation

French Congregation

Coptic Church & new facilities

South Asian Welcome Centre

Shruti’s Cherub’s Cove Daycare

Our Vision

Unspoken prayers


Let us know if there is something more we can be praying for. Just drop us a line at:



















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