JULY 13 2020

Today changes everything. The government will now be moving the province to Level 3 of reopening. What does this mean to us? Changes are in the air. At the same time we must keep focused on the end result and that is no more virus and no more loss of life.  We will be listening to Ford’s directive later today.

We are not returning to what we have called normality. It is just a better way of staying healthy. There will still be things we have to do, things that we have instituted to our own good and the good of everyone here in Ontario.

At the same time we need to realize that through this, more and more people are open to knowing that Christ will take care of us, if we trust in Him. Most people are still looking for a constant. There is only one constant in this world and that is to know that Jesus, God’s Son came to lift us out of sin and sadness to bring us to know what He did it for us, so that our life in this world is better.

This happens when we use the same message with new methods. Stay safe and pray for each and every person that we connect with who has yet to know the saving love of Jesus.

Have a great week.

Pastor Robin




How are you? It would be wonderful to know all of you are doing well. Email me to let me know. Send the email to:







Online Worship Service, Sunday July 19th – We continue working our way through Philippians. We started chapter 4 but now get to what Paul wants to leave us with. He starts off with encouraging everyone to be of the same mind. We will look to see what that means to each and every one of us and how it will change us.


Worship Service @ Milton Baptist Church, Sunday July 19th 11am – This will be our fifth Sunday back in the building. It is so good to see all those who have been attending and we look forward to more joining us as they feel comfortable with attending. This is just to remind everyone to wear a mask. We will be continuing to look at the six primary words of our faith; Faith, Joy, Trust, Love, Hope, and Peace.






The Building Is Ready For Attending – We are taking care to have the building clean in a way to keep us safe. We also ask each and everyone who comes and attends to wear a mask and respect social distancing. If you do not feel well, continue to wait until you do and to wait until you feel comfortable in attending. Many churches have made the decision to wait until Sept. and that is fine. We are listening to all the gov’t has been telling us about getting together. That means if you want a coffee, you can bring your own. This also means we are only allowed to have 45 people in the building each Sunday morning. This is a good number (last Sunday we had 18) as we reflect on those who are coming now and our regular attendance before the pandemic.

Stay safe and well.




Scripture of the Year





Bernie Wurster – getting better each day and preparing for his next surgery

CBM – Pray for our missionaries and works in other lands

Harrison – Is looking forward the his upcoming operation in Montreal

Ruth Lawrence – has recovering very well with her arm injury and has been now able to go north for the summer

CV-19 – Things are getting better but we still need to be focused on staying well. Pray for those impacted by it. Stay Home, Stay Safe, Be Well

Toby – ongoing treatment & the family doing the procedures themselves at home

Ilish Chan – living in an assisted living facility just south of Hamilton. No one allowed to go in

Blessing – searching for a new place to live, if you can help, let us know

Pray for the health and well being of friends and neighbours

Search for new leadership here at MBC

Family & Friends who are searching for answers in life and in their hearts

Individuals we know who are struggling with mental health & addictions

Parents concerned for their adult children & grandchildren

People looking for spiritual answers

Our Children & Youth Ministry future focus

Individuals struggling with everyday life stresses

Our commitment to grow in Christ & get His message out to the world around us

Our Church Board

Our Pastor & Deborah

Our Missionaries & CBM office workers

French Congregation

3rd Heaven Ministries

House of Prayer, Pakistan Congregation & their leadership

South Asian Welcome Center with Sushil & Nita David

Salvation Army on Nipissing Rd.

True North Church at the other end of Nipissing Rd.

Cornerstone Church and Second Hand Store also at the far end of Nipissing Rd.

Unspoken prayer requests

Let us know if there is something more we can be praying for. Just drop us a line at:


















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