Good Evening Everyone:  Just to let everyone know that we put 7 hours of driving after church and 15 hours of driving today. We arrived here at 7pm so you know what time I got up.

Thank you all for praying for a safe and uneventful drive and it was just that. Saw extensive frost in the mountians and some very fluffy snow on cars at another place in the mountians.

Nice to be here but I will be thinking of all of you while we are here. Keep me up to date on what’s happening with you.




We all have dreams but do we all have the goals that get us to making those dreams a reality. It’s true in everything we would like to accomplish.  I have been ready two books of late. One is called ‘Finishing Well’ and the other is ‘Unfinished’

They both dance around the idea that not only do we have things to do for God but we need to listen to God’s calling on our lives. Our churches are full of people who have good intentions about making a change in this world. This gets us to the point of doing what God intended us to do.

The biggest problem is, people need to step up and make things happen. It’s no more thinking about doing something, it’s time to plan. As you heard yesterday, Phillip had a keen ear for listening to God. Our church is full of individuals who not only have the skills but also abilities to do things that impact the churches future here in Milton.

So, what do we do? Everyone needs to find a place to get your hands dirty – Today! Find out what your dream for Christ is, set some goals and work to achieve it all for Him.




 MEN’S BREAKFAST CLUB, Sat. Nov. 10th 8:30am – Come join us for our next Men’s Breakfast.  We will remind everyone about it. We will also need to know if you are going to be coming to this great morning of food, fellowship and faith. Feel free to bring a friend or family member. Contact Pastor Robin for further details.


Youth Meeting, Sat. Nov. 10th 7:00pm – Our first youth meeting is coming and we are getting ready. Are You? Come and join us for a night of getting to know each other and a night to plan for what’s ahead.  We will start planning, partying with pizza and a short time around God. See you there Contact Pastor Robin for further details


Family Breakfast, Dec 8th We are in the early stages of putting together the Men’s Breakfast Club, Ladies Breakfast Gathering and the MBC Youth and having a Saturday Morning Family Breakfast. If you would like to be involved with putting it together, talk to the pastor very soon.



Ruth Brown is celebrating her 96th birthday Mon Oct. 22. Happy birthday Ruth!!


The pastor is on holidays for two Sundays.  We again have invited Norm Bishop to come and share something God has placed on his heart for us to hear. Make a point of worshiping each Sunday.


 Daylight Savings Time, Nov. 3rd -Put your clocks back one hour before retiring for the night.  But then again, maybe you would like to come to church for two hours!


SAMARITIAN PURSE – Samaritian Shoeboxes are due to be sent off. If you have them filled, bring them with you as soon as you can so we can get them off to their eager hands. Put then on the foyer table. Some are already there and soon, the rest will also be here.



Prayers Because We Care

Simone’s close friend Darlene and the loss of her husband Mario

Ilish Chan – In Joseph Brant being helped after a medical emergency. Remember the family as well.

Ruth Brown & Monica Slessor in rehab at Milton Hospital

Deb’s sister-in-law with cancer treatment

Scott James – endeavouring to put his life back together

Deo – Health issues

Toby – ongoing issues and his treatments & care conference Nov. 1

Jessie, dealing with a significant infection

Jessie – Dealing with a new environment.

Bessie’s search for a car.

Individual medical struggles & life stresses

Our commitment to Christ

Our commitment to our church

Our church board

Missionaries & CBM

Coptic Church & New facilities

South Asian Welcome Centre

Shruti’s Cherubs Cove Daycare

French Congregation

Our Vision

Unspoken prayer