Good Morning Everyone. Welcome to your weekly Monday Morning MBC Newsletter.  It’s good to have each of you here this morning to catch up on what is happening and get your weekly passages of scripture to read and think about.

We all know that prayer changes things. Sometimes our prayer life slip by because life is going so well and we are too busy. The reason I say this is due to the fact that there are so many people and situations that need us to approach God with love and concern for all who live on this planet.

For months now we have been praying desperately for everything that uses oxygen in Australia. I noticed last week that the impeachment has taken over #1 spot and Australia and many other news items have all but disappeared. This week it is the medical emergency coming out of China.

Would all of you make a difference by taking each day to pray for one specific item, one person or one struggle in life. While you are taking time to pray for all the things and people in your life, make a difference by praying for the same thing every day. Don’t just pray once but make it your prayer for that whole day. It can be a world item or your world item.

We are a people of prayer, a family of God that believes in the power of prayer and may doing this be a change in your personal pray life that will change others lives.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 ‘Pray without ceasing’





Sunday Worship, Feb. 2, 2020This coming Sunday we have a guest speaker with us here at MBC.  Mike Van Slingerland, former principal of Milton Christian School, will be here at the church to share with us what God placed on his heart to share with each and every one of us. Be sure to be in attendance.




Ruth Brown is on our prayer list due to some medical issues two weeks ago. James has informed us that she is getting better. She was briefly hospitalized over the weekend and released on Monday and is happy to be home. They are making sure everything is progressing well.

Val, watchmaker friend of the pastor’s, is home from hospital and is slowly getting back to himself. Due to age, it is taking a little longer.

Scripture of the Year
Psalm 90:14 – Satisfy us with your faithful love every morning. Then we can sing for joy and be glad all our days.





Ruth Brown, has returned home and doing better yet dealing with some medical issues

Harrison – Third visit to Shriner’s Hospital in Montreal, is coming up soon.

Walter & Jo Ralph – Jo broke her pelvis and Walter is doing the care giving
Tina’s Dad
– is home
– Pastor’s friend is home from hospital after some digestive track problem
Toby’s ongoing treatment and he is better

Ilish Chan – living in an assisted living facility just south of Hamilton
Blessing Igahlo – searching for a new place to live, if you can help, let us know

Contract talks with the Board of Education.  Community Living North Halton is also impacted due to the disruptions
Family & Friends who are searching for answers in life and in their hearts
Individuals we know who are struggling with mental health & addictions

Parents concerned for their adult children
Our Children & Youth Ministry
Individuals struggling with everyday life stresses
Our commitment to grow in Christ & get His message out to the world around us
Our Church Board
Our Pastor & Deb getting away for a few days
Our Missionaries & CBM
French Congregation
3rd Heaven Ministries  Baptism Service this coming Sunday
House of Prayer, Pakistan Congregation & their leadership

South Asian Welcome Center with Sushil & Nita David
Our Vision
Unspoken prayer requests

Let us know if there is something more we can be praying for. Just drop us a line at:


















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