Most of us go through the year with ups and downs. Some go lower than we want but some go higher that we could ever imagine. I believe it’s the same with our spiritual lives. Up and down and all around. But when we walk with Jesus, He levels things out with His power. December is considered the longest part of the year that is predominantly up.

And it’s not because of the gifts.  It is definitely getting our life together as we get closer and closer to Jesus showing up. This will start this coming Sunday. Be sure to join us on this special journey that will take us to Christmas when we will, just like new parents, like Mary and Joseph, look, for the first time into His eyes.

Have a wonderful week.




Youth Night, Dec. 1st 7:00pm – Getting together to talk about Christmas, gifts, and what is the difference about our giving compared to God’s gift.  Looking forward to seeing everyone here.


First Sunday Of Advent. Dec. 2nd 11:00am – Every year we take the time to examine our faith. To rearrange what it means to be a Follower of Jesus Christ. Then we do a close analysis of ourselves with the intent of being ready if He were to show up today. Join us for Hope, Love, Peace & Joy.


Church Christmas Breakfast, Dec. 8th 8:30am – We are doing something different this year. We are coming together as a family to have a meal together. In place of the Men’s & Ladies mornings, we want everyone to come and have a home cooked meal together.  Come and be part of this awesome morning.




JESSIE BARKLEY – Sunday was Jessie’s Birthday. Visited him on Saturday morning and we had a great talk. He had such a big smile on his face when he saw me walk in. He sometimes stumbles on his words but doing well. Continue to pray for him as he still has some issues. If you can go see him, it’s only 30 minutes to where he is living.

NEED FOR SPONSORS FOR YOUTH – The second meeting of the Youth Group is coming up this Saturday. The pastor is leading it along with Jennifer. We need someone or some individuals to make themselves available to take control of the group. Right now it includes two Saturday evenings each month. Talk to the pastor or email:

SCRIPTURE READING EACH SUNDAY –  If you would like to be one of the readers during the Sunday Service, senDdan email:

Attendance last Sunday – 60



Prayers Because We Care

Ilish Chan – In Joseph Brant being helped after a medical emergency. Remember the family as well.

Ruth Brown continuing to recover at home

Jessie Barkley working hard to get back to normal

Deb’s sister-in-law with cancer treatment

Scott James – endeavouring to put his life back together

Deo – Health issues

Toby – ongoing issues and his treatments & care

Individuals looking for new employment

Bessie’s search for a car.

Individual medical struggles & life stresses

Our commitment to Christ

Our commitment to our church

Our church board

Missionaries & CBM

South Asian Welcome Centre

Shruti’s Cherubs Cove Daycare

French Congregation

Our Vision

Unspoken prayer