New Years Eve

It is only hours away from 2019. In the next week you will probably type or write 2018 just out of habit. But 2019 need not be just part of your habit or routine. It’s time. Can you remember back to last year and all the things you wanted to try or things you wanted to accomplish. Well, did you get it done? Like most of us, you might have or you made a stab at it.

For me, there were many things I wanted to do. Working on the house was one of them. Just so you know, it is almost done and the goals I set are almost set in concrete. Yes that was a pun. For many of us, looking back only reinforces how far we come and where we missed the mark. And it’s not just part of crossing off each item from our ‘to-do’ list, it’s growing.

Another one of my goals was to finally get my two offices in order. It really was a goal. Many times here at the church I have had to clear off one or more of the chairs so visitors could sit down and talk. No Biggy. I wanted to have a nice office for people to visit in but over the year, I was just happy people came to talk. Maybe priorities are more important than we thought.

The same with working on getting to know God better. For some of us, the real push came just before the year ended. Here we were in Advent, which means getting ready. Not just for Christmas morning but for Christ Himself. And now that He is here, are we going to take this amazing opportunity to continue our walk with Him and talk with Him?

What I am trying to say is, you are already on a path that takes you to Him and starts that closer walk with Him that will change your life. It’s not just getting better and better every day in every way. That doesn’t always work as we get older and full of aches and pains. But what is real is the feeling your soul is progressively full and free in His presence.  We feel different when God fills our heart. 2019 needs to be the most important year we have ever lived. It needs to be wrapped around, “where do I want to be in my life this time next year?”  Personally, I want to be ever closer to the Saviour who saved me from my sins.

Something to think about.


Happy New Year!

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