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We all make mistakes.  Some silly and some, not so much. Let’s just say I know this from personal experience. If you were the cause of a car accident you know. Sometimes we are not proud of the mistakes we have made during our lifetime but they are there non-the-less. Many things we have done we even pray no one ever finds out about them. Not good in our sight, the view of others and even in God’s sight they are not good. 
I want you to know that mistakes, even the bad ones, can be good things.
Most of us look at mistakes as a negative. A situation we either wish never happened or something we beat ourselves up over. Sometimes they haunt us our whole lives. Even when we try to forget the foolishness of what we did, they sometimes seem to come back to our memory and we live the guilt all over again.
Just so you know, this is what satan wants us to think about. He did it with Eve and tried it with Jesus. He called on both of them to do something that they should never do. With Eve, he caught her and with Jesus, not a chance.
The two things we need to carry in our hearts are these.  If we learned something from the mistake, we are half way there. Secondly, if we ask God in Christ for forgiveness and move forward to never repeat it again, we have arrived where Jesus tells us, “I remember it no more”.
Something to think about.